Sanyo's portable solar panel makes solar energy useful for gadget freaks


Sanyo added a few new products to its successful eneloop brand of “green” electronics today [JP], i.e. a hand warmer, a battery-powered and extra-warm blanket and a neck warmer. The coolest new product is the eneloop portable solar, a portable solar panel that’s sized at 174(W)×204(H)×26(D)mm.


The mini panel weighs 230g and is supposed to make sure gadget freaks can power (almost) any of their loved devices on the go. It features a USB port and comes with a separate “mobile booster” (70g) for your cell phone. So far, so good but you need to charge the solar panel for around three days to get around 120 minutes of juice. This takes just 7 hours via USB.

Sanyo plans to sell the device for $90 starting as early as August 10 (there will also be a twin set – two solar panels combined – available for $150).

Also, take a look at the eneloop neck warmer below (no idea why Sanyo announces those warmers in August). The thing looks strange, but it could be quite useful in winter (it goes on sale September 1 for $70).


No release dates have been announced for market outside Japan yet, so contact the Japan Trend Shop or Geek Stuff 4 U if you really want to get the eneloop stuff shipped outside Japan.