• Sanyo's Outs New Mobile Chargers For Your Portable Gadgets

    Do you own an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Xperia, a Nintendo DS, or other mobile devices? Do you need a power source when you use these gadgets on the go? If yes, then the mobile chargers Sanyo announced today might do the trick for you. There will be two versions: one, the so-called “eneloop stick booster” (pictured above) comes with adapters (licensed by Nintendo) to power your DS… Read More

  • Solarve: Sanyo Shows World's First Solar Cell-Equipped Bus

    Sanyo in Japan today announced [JP] what it says is the world’s first solar-cell-equipped public bus, the Solarve (which stands for Solar Vehicle). The bus was unveiled to commemorate the 100th anniversary of a Japanese transportation and logistics company called Ryobi [JP]. The Solarve is essentially a city bus with solar cells on top that generate power for its interior LED lights. Read More

  • New Sanyo PD2 Pocketcam Brings 1080p And 3x Zoom For $170

    The pocketcam wars are hotting up. If you’re a consumer that doesn’t particularly care about image quality or lots of options, you have a ton of great choices. Sanyo makes a great compact camcorder (I use their pistol grip CG10 for tons of stuff), and they’ve just released a pocketcam that looks pretty solid. Read More

  • Apple Repackaging Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries, Charging a Premium

    Didn’t you notice it, Brick? Didn’t you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room? While it was my understanding that Steve Jobs owns a number of nickel mines and brings up tons of ore himself to stay in shape, pounding each core into a delicately wrought battery and then selling the produce of his labor as Apple’s rechargeable battery offering, it… Read More

  • Go Swimming With The Sanyo Underwater HD Xacti Camcorder

    Normally camcorders and swimming don’t go hand-in-hand, but Sanyo’s latest in the Xacti line is something different. The waterproof cam should have no issues taking 1080i@60 videos at depths under 10 feet. Combined with the 5x optical zoom, 2.7-inch LCD, and rechargeable battery, it’s not a bad kit for only $350. The VPC-CA102YL should hit retailers sometime this month. Read More

  • Panasonic Buying Out Solar Tech and Rechargeable Battery Makers

    Panasonic announced today that it will buy out two of its subsidiaries, Sanyo and Panasonic Electric Works, for $9.4 billion. Sanyo is the largest lithium-ion rechargeable battery producer and 11th-largest solar cell producer in the world with a quickly-growing solar panel manufacturing arm according to company statements. Read More

  • Sanyo's new 2K projector boasts industry-high 10,000 lumens brightness

    If you thought the Sanyo 3D projector we’ve shown you a couple of days ago was impressive, think again: today the company announced [JP] the LP-HF1000L, a projector for “professional use” that not only boasts 2K (2,048×1,080) resolution but also produces 10,000 lumens brightness. According to Sanyo, no other projector in the industry can keep up with that number (via AC… Read More

  • Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100: World's first waterproof full HD camcorder in action (video)

    Sanyo last week announced the DMX-CA100 for the Japanese market, the world’s first waterproof full HD camcorder “for consumer use with optical zoom lenses” (Kodak has released a simpler model just recently). And now we can (courtesy of DigInfonews Tokyo) give you a video that shows the device in action. Read More

  • Electric car runs over 1,000 km without recharge, shatters previous record

    One of the biggest problems that stands between electric vehicles and becoming mainstream is limited battery life. But there has been some progress in that area lately: the Japan Electric Vehicle Club [JP], a civic group based in Tokyo, announced today a Mira EV customized by the group traveled exactly 1,003.184 kilometers without a recharge. Read More

  • Sanyo debuts world's shortest-focus (and 3D-ready) projector

    We’re about to get yet another 3D-enabled piece of hardware, and this time, it’s a projector. Sanyo’s PDG-DWL2500J, announced today in Japan (press release in English), is not only “3D ready”, but it also boasts the world’s shortest projection distance (just 32cm to project images that are 80 inches in size) for projectors weighing less than 9kg. Read More

  • Guinness World Record: Sanyo battery lets e-car travel 555.6 km without recharging

    One of the biggest obstacles that prevents electric cars and other vehicles from becoming mainstream is the insufficient battery life. In most cases, potential buyers of those green vehicles are scared off by the fact that there still aren’t enough charging stations out there or that the travel distance (on a single charge) is just too short. But many companies are working on the… Read More

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