• Autotalks brings motorcycles into the conversation

    Autotalks brings motorcycles into the conversation

    Autotalks has been developing technologies that allow vehicles to talk to anything — V2X, to the nerds in the know. It’s one of the technologies that will enable fully autonomous vehicles to roam our roads. But where does that leave motorcycles, which will still have riders who rely on interactions with human drivers? That’s where B2V, or bike to vehicle, technology comes in. Read More

  • Liverpool launches firefighting motorcycle crew

    Apparently a motorbike enthusiast works at the Liverpool fire department, because while this is a great idea, it only could have come from a bunch of guys sitting in a pub. Currently there are only two of the specially equipped bikes, and with chemical foam and water, the two of them can reportedly put out a burning car in two minutes. The catch is the cost: these things cost $45,000 each, but… Read More

  • Feeling Impulsive? Take Brammo's Empulse Electric Motorcycle For A Spin.

    Feeling Impulsive? Take Brammo's Empulse Electric Motorcycle For A Spin.

    Brammo‘s electric motorcyle, the Enertia, is about to get some faster, stronger siblings. The company’s new Empulse Trio line will feature bikes that can take you an average of 60, 80 or 100 miles on a full charge at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. The Enertia, in comparison, can only travel about 40 miles on a full charge. “We found there was a range anxiety issue with… Read More

  • Got a spare $35k? Buy a real Tron light cycle

    Ok, this is a couple of days old, but it’s too cool not to share. There’s a company that makes custom motorcycles, and they are currently building a total of 5 functioning TRON light cycles. They are expensive as hell because everything is custom of course, but you have to admit – pretty damn cool. Read More

  • DIY: Motorcycle cowling increases mileage, decreases sex appeal, exponentially

    This particular DIY project makes sense. It’s been proven that in order to increase the MPG on your motorcycle (or scooter in this case), all you need to do it add a cowling. Cyclists use this concept in increase speed, the solar powered cars use this, it makes sense. That still doesn’t mean that you should do it, at least, not in this color. Read More

  • See a Suzuki GSX-R assemble itself

    In an homage to “Sledgehammer” video by Peter Gabriel, novice film director “Noah” and “Noah’s Dad” created a stop motion video of their Suzuki motorcycle assembling itself. Stop motion video is often overlooked in this day of CGI and special effects, however it is put to very good use here. Read More

  • Ducati Hypermotard 796. No, really. That's what its called.

    Seeing as how all of our readers are avid motorcycle enthusiasts who can drop ten grand for the latest crotch rocket, here’s Ducati’s latest street machine. If you are one of those lucky few, how about purchasing a fleet and donating it to your favorite tech blog? Read More

  • Extreme DIY: Electric motorcycle built by 22-year-old

    When I say DIY, I mean he DIY’ed, not necessarily that you can DIY. This 22-year-old college student took a Kawasaki ninja frame, stripped it down, and with help from his electrical engineer father, built a pretty damn amazing electric motorcycle. Read More

  • KTM's electric dirtbike gets dated, sort of

    Now that the race to get electric cars on the road is over, it’s time for the two-wheel variety to get in the mix. KTM recently announced that the EV Enduro, a race ready dual sport that was first announced last October, would be rolling off the production line sometime next year. A protoype of the EV Enduro has been in testing since 2008. Read More

  • Harley and Garmin get it on at Sturgis

    Coinciding with the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Garmin this week announced a Harley-specific version of its zūmo GPS device. The Road Tech zūmo is available at the massive rally and at Harley-Davidson authorized dealerships. The zūmo line is specially designed for motorcycle riders. The unit is waterproof and built with gloved users in mind by utilizing oversized buttons. The unit… Read More

  • Check out the hybrid car/motorcycle by Carver

    If you like the fuel-efficiency of a motorcycle and the comfort of a car, the Carver One might be what you’re looking for. The Carver One is a hybrid car/motorcycle that is compact and fuel-efficient. It only has three wheels and uses Dynamic Vehicle Control to bank the vehicle around turns. Just like if it was a bike and had only two wheels. The body is 11.2 feet long, 4.3 feet wide… Read More

  • British researchers develop a realistic motorbike game … I mean simulator

    British researchers have developed a motorcycle simulator to help improve road safety. They also hope that it will lead to advances in bike design. The simulator works by mounting a Triumph motorbike to a moving platform. Then the platform is linked to the simulation software that projects scenarios onto screens that are behind and in front of the rider. “The motorcycle allows riders… Read More