• BMW said to accelerate EV plans with 3 Series, X4 and Mini

    BMW said to accelerate EV plans with 3 Series, X4 and Mini

    BMW plans to accelerate its electric vehicle plans, in the wake of an executive shake-up and leading into a vote planned for the end of this month. The new BMW expanded electric lineup will kindle fully battery-powered versions of the Mini, the BMW 3 Series and the X4 SUV. The company has previously discussed plans to electrify the 3 Series and other vehicles, but German’s… Read More

  • BMW MINI Teams Up With HAX To Build A NYC Accelerator Focused On Connected Cities Of The Future

    BMW MINI Teams Up With HAX To Build A NYC Accelerator Focused On Connected Cities Of The Future

    What will the city of the future look like? We’re starting to see new technologies capable of helping future urban populations share more resources, reduce costs and communicate in new ways and BMW’s MINI would like to be at the forefront of this movement. That’s why MINI says it teamed up with HAX, an existing hardware accelerator within SOSV (formerly SOS Ventures), to build… Read More

  • The First $299 3D Printer Hits Its Kickstarter Goal In 11 Minutes

    The First $299 3D Printer Hits Its Kickstarter Goal In 11 Minutes

    Lots of things can happen in 11 minutes. You can grill a nice steak, you can bake a pan of cookies, or you can raise over $400,000 to build an ultra-compact 3D printer that, for a brief period, cost a mere $199. Called the Micro, the printer smashed its Kickstarter goal of $50,000 and is now well on its way to becoming one of the most interesting projects on the site. Created by a team in… Read More

  • It’s Not The Size Of The iPad That Matters, It’s The Motion Of The Ocean

    It’s Not The Size Of The iPad That Matters, It’s The Motion Of The Ocean

    Yes, we know that Apple is probably maybe releasing an iPad Mini soon. It’s not an iPhone, but larger. It’s not an iPad, but smaller. It’s…the Mini. Prepare yourself for thousands of parodies about the product, but this one is just too good not to post. It’s slightly NSFW in that suggestive way, but if you work somewhere where you can get in trouble for this… Read More

  • AutoTech: Hands-on With The Mini Connected Infotainment System Mini’s rolling out a slick new in-vehicle system and we recently got a hands-on demo. Mini Connected features much of what you’d expect for a modern infotainment system including a tight integration with iOS devices but there are some nifty new tricks. Everyone wants RSS feeds in their… Read More

  • Mini Partners With MOG To Develop New On-Demand Streaming Audio App For iPhone

    Today, Mini announced that a new streaming audio app from MOG has been approved to make its way to their Mini Connected system. Mini Connected is an in-car entertainment system that is fully integrated with the iPhone. A Mini Connected app is run on iOS outputting metadata to the center screen where the data is rebuilt on Mini’s interface. Read More

  • Corsair announces really small flash drives

    Corsair just announced the latest in their line of USB drives, the Flash Voyager Mini. Smaller then a quarter, the mini is just the right size to lose when you really need them, and come sizes ranging from 4 to 32 GB. Read More

  • Sony Ericsson keeps 'em coming with Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro

    More Android handsets are on the way from Sony Ericsson as the handset manufacturer just announced smaller versions of the Xperia X10: the X10 mini and X10 mini pro. Clever names, right? These handsets are quite sexy, if I say so myself, and the pro version has the nice addition of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Like the bigger X10, these feature SE’s custom UX platform over Android… Read More

  • Toshiba announces two new mini SSDs weighing just 9 grams

    Toshiba today announced it has developed mini SSDs (pictured on the right hand side) that are just a seventh of the size of existing 2.5-inch drives. The Toshiba drives will features a mini-SATA (aka mSATA) interface connector, as specified by the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) just yesterday. The new specification is designed for notebooks and similar portable devices. Read More

  • MINI brings roadside assistance into the 21st century with mobile app

    Drive a MINI? Have an iPhone or Blackberry? Well then, you are in luck my friend. MINI has recently released a free app, MINI Roadside Assistance, to better assist its customers in times of need. Should your street legal go-kart break down, be involved in an accident, blow a tire, or suffer some other incident while you are out motoring, MINI Roadside Assistance will use your device’s… Read More

  • Lingo: Can a mouse be too small?

    There are quite a few mini PC mouses coming out of Japan, but now Tokyo-based TEC is saying their Lingo, a wireless device, is the smallest of them all [JP]. The Lingo weighs only 23g and is sized at 27.5 × 60 × 19mm so the claim doesn’t sound too outrageous. Read More

  • This super-mobile hand trackball might save you a lot of space

    Japan-based PC accessory maker Sanwa Supply is selling a tiny point-and-click device that can possibly save a lot of space in your work area and might be handy during presentations. The device is sized at just 35×30×30mm, can be used held in your hand with your thumb operating it and looks cool. Read More

  • Dell Mini 10 ships in March, starts at $399

    Dell has officially engaged in some bean spilling on its Direct2Dell company blog in regards to the impending Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook. It’ll apparently be available for pre-order on today (I can’t find it yet) and up on next Thursday. Read More

  • The Dell Mini finds its artsy side

    There is no doubt that the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and 12 are hot netbooks, but the standard digs are just a little too Dell. You know what we mean. Even the new pink and red models are still a bit pedestrian. But these new lid designs will certainly scream, “Look at me! I have a sweet mini-laptop and I’m in a coffee shop!” Available now. Read More

  • Mac Pro Ultra Mini project

    This project is a bit confusing but here goes: a guy got a broken 13-inch MacBook Pro. Most of it was water damaged but the mobo was fine so he unsoldered everything and made it into a little caseless computer with an external screen and hard drive. He discovered, however, an odd little case that was shaped like a Mac Pro but was about as big as a Mac Mini. With a little sass and vinegar… Read More

  • HP's Compaq Mini 700 announced for UK market

    The HP MIni 1000 launched here in the States yesterday, and the Compaq division quietly announced a nearly identical re-branded netbook for the UK market. The Compaq MIni 700 has the same 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, along with the same HDD and SDD options, but ships with a 10.2 1,024 x 600 (16:10) display, optional HSDPA radio, and a £299 price. That price happens to be £100 less than the HPs… Read More

  • Battery-powered Mini E revealed

    BMW is jumping into the niche market of battery-powered automobiles with the Mini E. The car is set to be unveiled next month at the LA Auto Show, but all the details have been just been released. Read More

  • Electric Minis on sale next summer

    Nobody knows exactly when, how many will be available, their price, charge time, range, or pretty much anything about the electric vehicles BMW is planning on selling. But we do know that they plan on selling them, probably in about a year. Not really big news unless you were one of those people planning on investing in an electric car sometime in the middle of 2009. Oh wait, that’s… Read More

  • Dough-nu-matic makes mini donuts in under a minute

    This, my friends, is a poorly named product. But you know what they say; you can’t judge a donut making machine by its ridiculous hyphen-happy name. Read More