Nokia Says Class Action Lawsuit Over Windows Phone Is Now Dismissed, No Compensation Paid

<a target="_blank" href="">Nokia</a> may be <a href="

Goatse Security’s Auernheimer Convicted In iPad Website Hacking Case

Tuesday afternoon in federal court in Newark, NJ, a jury convicted Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer for his role in a 2010 exploit that caused an AT&T account maintenance website to leak 114,000 emai

Does Apple’s HTC Agreement Indicate A Softening Of Its Approach To Patent Litigation?

Apple and HTC today announced jointly a settlement of all ongoing patent litigation between the two, in a licensing agreement with a 10-year term, any further terms of which were not released. Many wi

Ellen Pao Is Out At Kleiner Perkins: Tells Quora That She Was Fired, As Discrimination Case Continues (UPDATED)

Another dramatic turn of events in the case of Ellen Pao, who has been <a href="">suing the VC firm Kleiner P

More Problems For Apple In Portugal? Apparently It’s Getting Sued For 40M Euros By A Reseller [Report]

Another legal tangle for Apple in Portugal? Just days after a consumer rights group in the country said it was <a target="_blank" href="">preparing to brin

SnapTerms: Terms Of Service As A Service

You might not think that something like a website's Terms of Service would be all that interesting, but you'd be wrong. After that post about <a href="

Indie Music Agency Merlin Scores Another Settlement: $1.6 Million From Sirius

On the heels of a payout from the owners of P2P filesharing site Limewire, another claim finally settled for Merlin, the group that represents independent music labels in licensing negotiations and le

Facebook Threatens To Sue TechCrunch Commenter

Last year, Alexia covered <a href="">a funny Chrome web browser extension called "Defaceable"</a> that allow

Updated: T-Mobile USA Sued By OTI Over NFC Patent In Nokia, HTC Smartphones

Here we go again: today brings another mobile patent infringement suit -- this time against T-Mobile USA, and over a technology that has had very little use to date, but a lot of potential. On Trac

Yahoo vs Facebook: Not The Next Mobile Patent War?

The lawsuit filed on Monday by Yahoo against Facebook over alleged infringements of certain "method" patents was a high profile step for Yahoo to take in the lead-up to Facebook's IPO. But although

Ahead Of Today’s Apple News, Samsung Files Yet Another Suit In Korea Over iPad 2, iPhone 4S

Just hours before Apple is due to unveil what many think will be a new version of its best-selling iPad tablet, Samsung has tried to steal a little thunder by filing a lawsuit against the Cupertino co

Proview Thwarted In Chinese iPad Trademark Suit, Brings Case To U.S. Shores

The dispute between Apple and Proview over the "iPad" trademark has just gotten a lot more domestic. Proview, which owned the "iPad" trademark in several countries until they sold the rights to Apple,

Federal Judge Rules You May Be Forced To Provide Decryption Password

In July, we <a href="">wrote</a> about an ongoing case wherein a woman accused of fraud was be

Judge Applies SOPA-Esque Solution To Hundreds Of Counterfeit Goods Sites

The <a href="">much-maligned SOPA bill</a> is facing a lot of heat as much of the tech industry sets its weight against it. But while the legislation

Labor Board: Fired-For-Facebooking Employees Must Be Rehired

It's no secret that an employer can, and probably should, do a little check-up on your internet presence before hiring you, and possibly afterwards. But as several unhappy people have found out, somet

No Charges For Chen In iPhone 4 Leak Case – Others Not So Lucky

After more than a year of uncertainty, the case of the stolen iPhone 4 has been brought to something like a conclusion. San Mateo County Assistant District Attorney Morley Pitt announced that <a href=

Samsung Escalates IP War With Apple, Sues Over 10 Patents

The patent nonsense out there is very deep water for humble bloggers like ourselves, so we’re just going to point you in the right direction and wait for the dust to settle a bit before offering

Barnes & Noble: Microsoft-Patented Nook Features "Trivial," Licensing Fees "Exorbitant"

<img src="" />The licensing fracas Microsoft is whipping up around Android and, in particular, Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader gets ano

First Lawsuit Filed Against Sony For PSN Breach

There’s just no way around it. Sony really screwed up. And not just in the way they consistently have in the past. I mean big time. The outage that started last week and was finally addressed ye

ACLU Looking Into Mobile Phone Scanner Being Used By Michigan Police

<img src="" /> Now, although there is likely to be a little flare-up of concern regarding this issue over the next couple days, it's not so
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