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Ansel Halliburton

Co-founder at Syntexys. Legal Engineer. Lawyer. Board at Free Law Project. Technology law & law technology.

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SEC Allows General Solicitation, Effective Today: What Changed And What To Watch Out For

Today, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission's final rules allowing general solicitation went into effect. In the fundraising context, general solicitation means publicly advertising the fact that y

YC-Backed Casetext Takes a New Angle on Value Added Legal Research With Wikipedia-Style User Annotations

Why do law firms spend, collectively, billions of dollars on commercial legal research databases, when what they are looking up is law — which is in the public domain? How are these databases able t

YC-Backed SimpleLegal Reduces Legal Bills With Machine Learning

SimpleLegal’s system ingests invoices and parses each line item into its database. Natural language processing systems figure out who billed what and for how long — and then that data is run throu

Judicata Raises $5.8M Second Round to Build Out Advanced Legal Research Systems; Keith Rabois Joins Board

Judicata, a legal research startup based in San Francisco, has closed its second round of financing, a $5.8M round led by Khosla Ventures. Keith Rabois, a former PayPal and Square executive who recent

The Constitution And The 3D Printed Plastic Pistol

By now, you have probably heard about the Liberator, a 3D printed plastic gun designed, assembled, and test-fired by Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. Is it legal?

Modus Is Trying to Shake Up the Fat eDiscovery Industry

It’s no secret that most lawyers are not on the cutting edge of technology. And while the internet has been great for many businesses, it’s buried lawyers in an avalanche of digital data they are

Aaron’s Law Takes Shape

Digital activist Aaron Swartz took his own life on January 11. Swartz was facing federal hacking charges after being arrested for downloading millions of articles from JSTOR from MIT’s network in ex

Goatse Security’s Auernheimer Convicted In iPad Website Hacking Case

Tuesday afternoon in federal court in Newark, NJ, a jury convicted Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer for his role in a 2010 exploit that caused an AT&T account maintenance website to leak 114,000 emai