Kim Dotcom’s extradition appeal has started and is being live-streamed

More than four years later, Kim Dotcom’s legal battles (at least in New Zealand) may be close to an end. His final appeal to avoid extradition to face charges in the U.S started yesterday in A

Psst… it’s still okay to share your Netflix password

A Federal Appeals Court this month issued a ruling that makes password-sharing a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. That has given many Americans pause, as sharing passwords to onli

A court ruled that it could be a federal crime to share your Netflix password

Last week the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion that an employee acted “without authorization” when he used a former co-worker’s login (with their permission) to

ACLU challenges federal hacking law hampering research into online discrimination

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Attorney General alleging that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is unconstitutional, and as a consequence is preventing critical research into discriminat

Uber settles on $7.5 million in background checks lawsuit

Uber faces a growing number of legal troubles these days – the latest involves a court settlement of $7.5 million for background checks. Uber has agreed to pay the $7.5 million sum to a group o

Justice Department appeals pro-Apple decision in New York iPhone case

Authorities in New York have taken the first step to appealing a judge's ruling last month that denied a request for information held on an iPhone.

VMware Agrees To Pay $75.5M To Settle Illegal Pricing Allegations

In a significant settlement that could embolden American employees who witness company misconduct, VMware and government contractor Carahsoft Technology Corporation agreed to pay the $75.5 million to

Zhiguoguo, Which Lets Chinese Companies Register Trademarks For Free, Raises $3.7M Series A

Protecting intellectual property in China is notoriously difficult, even though the country is trying to set up legal safeguards to aid emerging industries. Zhiguoguo wants to help businesses preserve

The Jury Is Out On Legal Startups

Venture capitalists may have rested their case for investing in legal startups, according to data from CrunchBase. Investments in law-related startups declined sharply this year, after peaking last

Inside Jobs: What Loudr’s In-House Attorney Loves About Digging Into Legal Docs

Lawyers are infamous for having jobs that are hard to understand. There’s a reason why “legalese” is a term, after all. But Annie Lin, the senior counsel at music licensing and distr

Pintrips Files A Motion To Dismiss Pinterest’s Trademark Suit, Says ‘Pin’ Is Too Generic

Pins, pins everywhere! Back in October, we reported on a <a href="

Apple Awarded $290M By Jury In Patent Case Retrial Against Samsung

Samsung has been <a target="_blank" href="">ordered to pay out $290 million</a> to Apple in a retrial of

UK’s BSkyB Wins Case Against Microsoft Over Use Of “SkyDrive” Name In Europe; May Have To Drop Name Or Pay Fines

<a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft</a> went <a target="_blank" href="">big on pushing cloud services</a> this week at its Build conference, but today it

SAP Becomes First To Test New Patent Rules In The America Invents Act, Gets Window Of Hope In $345M Versata Case

<a target="_blank" href="">SAP</a>, the enterprise software behemoth dealt a <a target="_blank" href="

Europe To Formalize How Consumers, Companies Can Sue Big Fish Like Google Over Antitrust Damages

Feeling slighted by Google's dominance in search? In Europe, you may soon be able to sue for damages. A new proposal <a target="_blank" href="

U.S. Court Rules For Facebook In Its Case Against Typosquatters On 105 Domains; $2.8M In Damages

A victory for <a target="_blank" href="">Facebook</a> in its case against typosquatters -- those who own domain names that are similar to those of a popular site, which they use

CEO Elop: Nokia Will Make $653M In Patent Licensing Revenues This Year, ‘Watching Closely’ For More Targets

<a target="_blank" href="">Nokia</a> today posted Q1 <a href="

Modus Is Trying to Shake Up the Fat eDiscovery Industry

It’s no secret that most lawyers are not on the cutting edge of technology. And while the internet has been great for many businesses, it’s buried lawyers in an avalanche of digital data they are

Apple Appears In Court In China To Defend Against Siri Patent Infringement Claim

Apple is in court again in China, defending another of its products from attack based on pre-existing claims from a Chinese company. This time around it's Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, that has lan

Zynga And EA Settle Legal Battle Over ‘Unmistakable Copy’ Of The Sims And ‘Anti-Competitive’ Practices

According to InsideSocialGames, Zynga and EA have settled their legal dispute over the former’s alleged copying of EA’s popular game “The Sims.” It was clear to many that once
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