Barnes & Noble: Microsoft-Patented Nook Features "Trivial," Licensing Fees "Exorbitant"

<img src="" />The licensing fracas Microsoft is whipping up around Android and, in particular, Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader gets ano

First Lawsuit Filed Against Sony For PSN Breach

There’s just no way around it. Sony really screwed up. And not just in the way they consistently have in the past. I mean big time. The outage that started last week and was finally addressed ye

ACLU Looking Into Mobile Phone Scanner Being Used By Michigan Police

<img src="" /> Now, although there is likely to be a little flare-up of concern regarding this issue over the next couple days, it's not so

Apple To Go Forward With Next Suit Against 3rd-Party Accessorizer

<img src="" />It looks like Apple has gotten the go-ahead to continue a suit against eForCity, a company that was manufacturing cheap conne

Record Industry: Limewire Could Owe $75 Trillion – Judge: "Absurd"

<img src="" />So we're all pretty desensitized by now to the mind-blowing stupidity on display by the record industry in its foolhardy

Geohot Has Left The Country

<img src="" />It appears (according to court documents) that George Hotz, AKA Geohot, PS3 and iPhone hacker extraordinaire, has been hounded

Google Joins The Patent Madness With "Methods For Enticing Users To Access A Web Site"

<img src="" />I guess the USPTO felt they were leaving Google out of the game, what with Apple <a href="

Judge Rejects Google Books Settlement: Make It Opt-In

<img src="" />Federal Judge Denny Chin <a href="

More Patent Trolling, This Time Against Every Major Mobile Manufacturer

<img src="" />We just heard about a <a href="

Microsoft Alleges Patent Infringement On Barnes & Noble E-Reader Devices

<img src="" />Microsoft has <a href="">filed suit</a> against Barne

Sony To Subpoena Two Years Of PS3 Hacker's PayPal Records

<img src="" />Query: If I donated $10 to Geohot's legal defense fund, does that make me liable for his actions, and do I have no right to kee

Judge Allows Sony's Request For Identifying Information For Anyone Who Visited Hacker's Sites

<img src="" />This is a rather disturbing turn of events. Federal Magistrate Joseph Spero has <a href="

Is "App Store" As Generic As Microsoft's "Windows"?

<img src="" />As tech companies fight for ubiquity, it's no surprise that there should be disputes like this. Using common words for produ

iPad Overheating Suit Against Apple Gets Dismissed

<img src="" />Last year we <a href="

PS3 Hacking Case Judge: Why Is This In My Courtroom

<img src="" />Just a little update on the Sony/George Hotz <a href="

Museum Files $2 Million Suit Against Guy For Taking Pictures There

<img src="" />Well well, I think we can safely file this one under frivolous. Photographer Thomas Hawk visited the World Ero

Why We Care About Apple And The Beatles

<img src="" />So chances are (though I don't buy the <a href="">semaphore

Nintendo Is Attempting To Trademark "It's On Like Donkey Kong"

<img src="" />This is... unexpected. The phrase "it's on like Donkey Kong," which I don't say nearly enough, is never something I ac

How Reasonable: German Court Fines Convicted File-Sharer €30

<img src="" />You may have seen the settlement yesterday, likely being appealed, in which a woman was ordered to pay $1.5 million for ille

Supreme Court Makes A Mockery Of California's Violent Game Ban

<img src="" />This is fantastic. As you may know, California is <a href="
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