Zynga And EA Settle Legal Battle Over ‘Unmistakable Copy’ Of The Sims And ‘Anti-Competitive’ Practices

According to InsideSocialGames, Zynga and EA have settled their legal dispute over the former’s alleged copying of EA’s popular game “The Sims.” It was clear to many that once Zynga started teasing “The Ville,” it took some major elements from EA’s classic. A source has told TechCrunch that no money has exchanged hands as part of the settlement.

At the time of the lawsuit, companies threw barbs back and forth with EA alleging that Zynga “doesn’t understand copyright.” Details as to what the terms of the settlement are haven’t been made available, but we’ve reached out to both companies, and people familiar with the case, for more information. At one point, Zynga countersued for “anti-competitive” practices, turning this into an online gaming bloodbath of epic proportions.

Things quieted down since August, and today it appears that both lawsuits are resolved.

EA and Zynga spokespeople have issued the following statements:

EA and Zynga have resolved their respective claims and have reached a settlement of their litigation in the Northern District of California.

Here is the copy of the proposal to dimiss the case, via AllThingsD:


This is developing.

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