• Chomp Closes In On 300,000 Users, Launches App Review Site And Chomp Connect

    When Chomp launched eight weeks ago in the iTunes store, it launched as an app for reviewing other iPhone apps. The app shows you a stream of realtime reviews, which you can filter by everyone or just your Facebook freinds. The app is showing some traction and should hit 300,000 active monthly users sometime tomorrow, according to co-founder Ben Keighran. While it started out as an app… Read More

  • 'Boobie' App Slips Past Apple's Sex Ban, Scores $10,000 In A Week (Then Gets Pulled)

    'Boobie' App Slips Past Apple's Sex Ban, Scores $10,000 In A Week (Then Gets Pulled)

    Late last month, Apple made the abrupt decision to remove any applications it deemed to be ‘sexy’ from the App Store, citing complaints from parents. But the process of removing applications was clearly imperfect, as Apple pulled down some applications only to restore them a few days later. And apparently they missed a few: we’ve gotten word from one app publisher that had… Read More

  • Android Market Gets A $13,000 Per Month Success Story Of Its Own

    Android Market Gets A $13,000 Per Month Success Story Of Its Own

    In the months following the iPhone App Store’s launch in July 2008, it became clear that the platform was turning into a gold rush. Success stories of one-man companies earning $250,000 in a few months became common. And even though the odds of striking it rich were clearly much lower than the media portrayed, a huge surge of developers started building iPhone applications. Android… Read More

  • ImageShack Updates iPhone App With Powerful Photo, Video Sharing Options

    ImageShack, one of the largest media hosting sites on the Web, updated its iPhone app ImageShack Uploader (iTunes link) this morning, unlocking features that enable users to easily share both videos and photos using either ImageShack services and third-party sites like YouTube and Twitter. ImageShack Uploader 2.0, which is free of charge, lets you record videos and shoot pictures using the… Read More

  • The Best iPhone Apps Of 2009 (Appvee Edition)

    This guest post was written by Erik Fikkert, Lead Reviewer, AppVee. Also check out Appvee’s previous picks of the best apps in the App store The iPhone and iPod touch have become immediately recognizable names around the world. Apple recently announced that the iPhone is the most popular mobile phone in the US. In addition, the iPod touch is generally regarded as the media player of… Read More

  • iSpy, With My Little Eye, A Children's Game Re-Imagined For The iPhone

    Two features make the iPhone great for social games: its GPS chip and its camera. An app called iSpy which was released on the iPhone last week (iTunes link) uses both geolocation and mobile snapshots to re-imagine the children’s game of the same name. Players create iSpy games by taking pictures of objects in public view, which get geo-tagged and placed within a radius of their… Read More

  • Apps for Blackberry cost way more than iPhone, Android apps

    We’ve covered a couple of Distimo reports in the past because they provide us with some valuable insights on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market based on the startup’s in-depth analysis of publicly available data. Now the company has added RIM’s Blackberry App World store to the fray, which gives us even more data points to compare the rivals’… Read More

  • Apple Shares App Store Stats: 85k Apps Available, 2 Billion Downloads So Far

    Apple has announced that the App Store for the iPhone / iPod Touch has now seen more than 2 billion downloads of applications, with a half billion programs in the last quarter alone. In addition, the company revealed that the total number of apps in the store currently exceeds 85,000, and that they are now available to more than 50 million customers in 77 countries. Read More

  • Another Popular Developer Lays The Smack Down On Apple's App Store

    Another day, another story of Apple’s ridiculous App Store approval policies gone awry. Joe Stump, the former lead architect for Digg who is well known in the developer community, has posted an entirely NSFW rant to his blog that condemns Apple for preventing a key update to his application from going live for over six weeks. Stump’s language is quite colorful so I’m not… Read More

  • Apple Will Approve Rhapsody's iPhone App, But It Will Still Be A Dud

    This morning, subscription music service Rhapsody is putting public pressure on Apple to approve its new music streaming app by making its case directly to the press. Unlike other streaming music apps already on the iPhone from Pandora, Slacker, AOL Radio, imeem, and Sirius XM, Rhapsody’s would allow users to individually select and listen to any one of the 8 million songs in its… Read More

  • TweetPhoto iPhone App Rejected Because Logo Resembles Polaroid Shot

    I know, I know. I’m growing a bit tired of having to sift through e-mails from iPhone app developers who have seen their fruits of labor (big or small) rejected by Apple’s team of mobile software scrutinizers myself too. But I keep being amazed by the reasons Cupertino puts forward for not allowing apps into the App Store, and this is another classic example: TweetPhoto, a… Read More

  • Sneak Peek At Facebook for iPhone 3.0

    Facebook for iPhone version 3.0 will hopefully soon be made available through the iTunes App Store, but lead engineer Joe Hewitt has apparently already graced the team over at Appadvice with an early look. Check out their review for more details, but here’s the gist: – A new home screen (see first screenshot above) which will offer the ability to customize i.e. add boxes to the… Read More

  • The 35 Best iPhone Apps Of The Year (So Far)

    This guest post was written by Alex Ahlund, founder of AppVee. AppVee has been doing in-depth reviews of applications since the launch of the App Store and will soon celebrate our one-year anniversary with nearly 1,000 video reviews of the top applications. We’re often asked if we are overwhelmed with the number of applications currently released and the number we are capable of covering. Read More

  • Android and iPhone Apps Cost About The Same, Except For Games And Dictionaries

    Do the prices people are willing to pay for a phone app depend on the device or the type of app? A comparison of July prices in the iPhone App Store and the Android Market by app analytics firm Distimo found that across broad categories such as entertainment, navigation, and tools the average price for the Top 100 paid apps was very similar for both mobile computing platforms. There were a… Read More

  • Pizza Hut's Delicious iPhone App Tops 100,000 Downloads In Two Weeks

    Two weeks ago, restaurant chain Pizza Hut launched an iPhone application (iTunes link) with a bunch of bells and whistles, and apparently users were hungry for it. Downloads of the app for iPhone and iPod Touch have exceeded 100,000 downloads just before the weekend, the company informs us. Good for them, because Pizza Hut really made an effort with the software program, which they… Read More

  • Apple Approves iPhone App That "Promotes School Shootings"

    Our beefs with Apple’s inconsistent behavior when it comes to approving or rejecting applications for the iPhone / iPod Touch platform has been well documented. iPhoneWorld.ca draws our attention to yet another example that makes us wonder if there’s a clear policy at Infinite Loop at all, or if the team is simply trained well in the ‘hit or miss’ phenomenon. Or as… Read More

  • Financial Times Tweets That It Now Has An iPhone App. Yup, It's Pink.

    International business newspaper and website Financial Times, founded in 1888, is now part of the iPhone app club with the release of a free application on the iTunes App Store (iTunes link). The move comes after most of its competitors released applications for the platform back in 1891 (ok not really, but long ago anyway). Remarkably, FT announced the release of the application using its… Read More

  • Hear That? It's The Sound Of Your New Hearing Aid, The iPhone

    Back in 2007, Amy Tenderich wrote about the need for Apple to share its renowned industrial design and user-friendliness with the medical device community. Her plea wasn’t necessarily for Apple to get involved in the field, but rather for it to help device manufacturers innovate and produce devices that people might actually want to use. As it turns out, Apple may be be joining the… Read More

  • Want The Obama "Hope" Artwork On Your iPhone? Nope, Says Apple.

    Start Mobile has managed to get 18 separate iPhone applications approved by Apple. So you’ll imagine their surprise when one of them was recently rejected. But you may be even more surprised to find out why. Apparently, Apple doesn’t like the way one piece of art in the app depicts President Obama. Is it out of line or tasteless? Well, you can determine for yourself, because… Read More

  • iPhone App Prices Fluctuate As Developers Adjust To OS 3.0; Nav Apps Gain Pricing Power

    Ever since OS. 3.0, the latest operating system for the iPhone, launched on June 17, prices among the top 100 apps in the iTunes App Store have been fluctuating wildly as developers push out apps taking advantage of all the new features in the OS. Some of the new features we are starting to see in apps include push notifications, turn-by-turn navigation, cut-and-paste, embeddable maps, access… Read More

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