Need A Witty "App For That" Phrase? There's An App For That.

picture-102I’m a big fan of coming up with ridiculous “App For That” headlines. You know, the kind that mock Apple’s iPhone App Store commercials that basically proclaim there’s an app for everything you could ever possibly want to do. So it brings me great pleasure today to report that the next time I need one of those headlines: There’s an app for that.

App For That, is a website that gives you a series of user submitted “App For That” jokes, which you can vote on, tweet out, email, etc. The service looks like the iPhone’s text app, with submissions written in chat bubbles. Below that is a submission form for your own jokes.

Oddly enough, this is a web app, and not an actual iPhone app. (Come on guys, get on that — the joke cannot come full circle until you have one.) But here are a few of my favorites:

  • “If you just murdered your friend and need to find the nearest city dump, there’s an app for that.”
  • “Your momma’s so fat, there’s an app for that.”
  • “If you want to write an app that makes fun of apps, there’s an app for that.”
  • “If you want to get your drunk roommate out of bed, there’s an app for that.”
  • “If your reading this, there’s an app for that.”

[thanks Nick]