Sneak Peek At Facebook for iPhone 3.0

Facebook for iPhone version 3.0 will hopefully soon be made available through the iTunes App Store, but lead engineer Joe Hewitt has apparently already graced the team over at Appadvice with an early look.

Check out their review for more details, but here’s the gist:

– A new home screen (see first screenshot above) which will offer the ability to customize i.e. add boxes to the default start screen

– A better ‘News feed’: much more complete overview of status updates from your friends, but still lacking the ability to hide/unhide them from inside the app

– Videos (as expected): uploading video supposedly works like a charm, but you still can’t watch Facebook videos unless they’re actually hosted on YouTube (and likely other video hosting platforms as well) and simply played from inside the app

– Events (as expected): includes the ability to RSVP, but you can’t visit the complete event wall, which is unfortunate

– Pages: you can search for, view and interact with pages using Facebook for iPhone 3.0

– Photos: you can create new photo albums, upload photos to any album, zoom into photos and change your profile picture

– Communication: you can quickly or call people straight from the Friends page

– Improved ‘liking’ feature

– Notes, including the ability to edit them

– Notifications: much better, link directly to comments which you can respond to

– Messages you are typing will be restored if you quit the app or are interrupted by a phone call

Here’s to hoping for a quick green light from Apple.

Update: also got confirmation that there’s no landscape mode in this version.

Update 2: a lot more screenshots are available here.

(Via @Appadvice)