Pizza Hut's Delicious iPhone App Tops 100,000 Downloads In Two Weeks

Two weeks ago, restaurant chain Pizza Hut launched an iPhone application (iTunes link) with a bunch of bells and whistles, and apparently users were hungry for it. Downloads of the app for iPhone and iPod Touch have exceeded 100,000 downloads just before the weekend, the company informs us.

Good for them, because Pizza Hut really made an effort with the software program, which they amusingly dubbed a “killer app for your appetite”.

Aside from the ability to order food, the app boasts a bit of entertainment to spice things up. It includes a so-called “virtual fridge” where you’ll find coupons to add to your order and a free game called “Pizza Hut Racer” that you can play while you kill time waiting for your food to arrive.

More of this, please.