Ice Cream Sandwich

Verizon’s Droid RAZR Family Finally Gets A Taste Of Ice Cream Sandwich

Verizon’s Droid RAZR and its fatter, longer-lasting brother the RAZR Maxx are fine devices, but let’s face it — Gingerbread is a bit passe at this point. The carrier has promised since <a hr

Dropbox For Android Update Packs Video Streaming For ICS Users, Korean Language Support

Hey, Ice Cream Sandwich users -- if you're a Dropbox user and somehow haven't gotten the latest (2.1.4) update, do yourself a favor and<a target="_blank" href="

International Galaxy Note Users Can Finally (And Officially) Taste Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung has been teasing Galaxy Note users with the promise of Ice Cream Sandwich for months, but now it seems like the consumer electronics giant has finally come through for their phablet fans. M

Chrome For Android Gets Desktop View, Home Screen Bookmarks, File Downloads

Chrome for Android is becoming somewhat of a flagship product for Google, but given that it's only available on phones and tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich, its reach is pretty limited. It's still o

At Long Last, The Nexus S 4G Finally Gets Its Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Hey all you Sprint customers, you haven't been forgotten after all! Sprint has <a href="

Don’t Have An HTC Vivid? These AT&T Devices Are Getting ICS In “Coming Months”

Those of you dutifully carrying around your HTC Vivids have probably already heard AT&T has officially started pushing out the handset's Ice Cream Sandwich update. For all you other AT&T custo

Galaxy Note Won’t Taste Ice Cream Sandwich Until Q2, But New Apps Sweeten The Deal

The still-popular Galaxy S II just recently got its <a href="">first official taste</a> of Ice Cream Sandwich, but Galaxy Note

Google To Release New Ice Cream Sandwich Update For Nexus S

I don't blame Nexus S users for feeling a bit forgotten -- for a device ostensibly meant to be on the cutting edge of Android updates, the Nexus S hasn;t had much luck on the Ice Cream Sandwich front.

Hey HTC Vivid Owners, Go Download Your Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Despite launching last October, the Ice Cream Sandwich club is still a pretty exclusive one, and even moreso in the United States. Let’s see, there’s the Galaxy Nexus… and, yeah, that’s really

Archos Teases G10 XS Tablet With Ultra-Thin Steel Chassis

Veteran tablet maker Archos has released a teaser video of a new tablet they're going to be releasing (we presume) later this year. It's called the G10 XS (the latest in a series of <a href="https://t

Samsung Finally Pushes Ice Cream Sandwich To The Galaxy S IIs Of The World

Well, after a bit of a <a href="">false start</a>, Samsung finally seems to have done it. Accord

Samsung Giveth And Taketh Away Ice Cream Sandwich For The Galaxy S II

Oh, how Galaxy S II owners' hearts must have swelled last night! Samsung’s Filipino arm let slip on their news portal late yesterday that the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update would be made ava

New Swype Beta Packs Support For Ice Cream Sandwich

Don't get me wrong -- Ice Cream Sandwich's stock keyboard is pretty fantastic, but after having spent the past year or two Swyping my way though text messages and emails, most other modes of text inpu

Meet Samsung’s First Android 4.0 Tablet: The 7-Inch Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung is no slouch when it comes to producing smaller tablets -- their first foray into the Android tab market was the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, and they recently revisited that form factor with the Galaxy

HTC: Ice Cream Sandwich Will Start Hitting Our Handsets In March

At long last, HTC fans can finally stop holding their collective breath. After months of relative quiet, the Taiwanese company has taken to their <a href="

Motorola Is Now Serving Up Ice Cream Sandwichs To The Xoom

Good news, Xoom owners. No, you're not getting a refund but rather the official Ice Cream Sandwich update should <a href="

Holo Promise: Google Moves To Ensure UI Integrity On All Android 4.0 Devices

Google has posted a bit of new info to the <a href="">Android Developers blog</a> that is probably less of a big deal than people are

LG Prepping Ice Cream Sandwich Update For Q2 2012 Release

Most of the big name Android smartphone vendors have already laid out their Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade plans, but LG has been notably absent from the list of companies offering an update schedule. Wel

No Ice Cream Sandwich For Galaxy S And Galaxy Tab, Says Samsung

Sorry Galaxy S owners -- even though your device has a near-identical spec sheet to the ICS-friendly Nexus S, Samsung has announced on their <a href="">corporate blo

Your Nexus S Could Taste Ice Cream Sandwich As Early As Today

Nexus S owners rejoice! While your Galaxy Nexus-toting friends have been rubbing a bit of Ice Cream Sandwich in your face, the year-old Nexus S will soon get its own taste of Android 4.0. According to
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