International Galaxy Note Users Can Finally (And Officially) Taste Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung has been teasing Galaxy Note users with the promise of Ice Cream Sandwich for months, but now it seems like the consumer electronics giant has finally come through for their phablet fans.

Multiple reports from European Note owners confirm that the long-awaited software update is hitting devices, though how users actually install it seems to depend on their locale.

Dutch Galaxy Note owner Devin Balentina reported that his device received the update over-the-air for instance, while a report from SammyHub points out that German users can nab the update from Samsung’s Kies updater. Not every market has gotten their taste of Ice Cream Sandwich though — I have yet to see any reports from the U.K. for instance, and CNET UK’s Crave blog reports that Samsung is being characteristically quiet on the issue.

Sorry AT&T users, you’ll still have to wait your turn, The new OTA update is only for the international-spec Galaxy Note, and it’ll likely be a while before AT&T finally approves the new software build for mass consumption. But hey, you can always take solace in the fact that your devices have those snappy LTE radios — hopefully you’ve got the coverage to back it up.

Despite a company announcement pointing to a release in during the first quarter of 2012, Samsung pointed out last March that the update would end up going live later than everyone had hoped. To help soften the blow, Samsung also introduced their so-called Premium Suite of Galaxy Note apps like S Note and My Story — rather than spell out what they do I’ll just let you see for yourself: