Dropbox For Android Update Packs Video Streaming For ICS Users, Korean Language Support

Hey, Ice Cream Sandwich users — if you’re a Dropbox user and somehow haven’t gotten the latest (2.1.4) update, do yourself a favor and get on it.

The update is sure to please those who find the Dropbox experience to be woefully light on Hangul, as it introduces Korean language support, but there’s something even better to play with. This release sees the addition of a nifty, Ice Cream Sandwich-exclusive feature — the ability to stream videos stored within a Dropbox account.

As something of a digital media hoarder, I threw a handful of big miscellaneous video files (a 500MB .avi and a 400MB .mkv, specifically) into my Dropbox account to see how well things actually worked. Thankfully just waiting for them to be stored in the cloud was the most odious part of the process — once everything was in place, it was a simple enough process to select the file from within the Dropbox app and kick back momentarily with an old episode of Top Gear.

Quality, it should be noted, can sometimes take a hit in the process. The video never got to the point where I wanted to give up entirely, but those hoping that their videos will be pixel-perfect should probably just download the file(s) onto their devices instead. It goes also without saying that this probably isn’t the best thing to use if you’re on a capped data plan, though for the record, the LTE connection on my Galaxy Nexus managed to keep up just fine.