Samsung Finally Pushes Ice Cream Sandwich To The Galaxy S IIs Of The World

Well, after a bit of a false start, Samsung finally seems to have done it. According to a new blog post on the official Samsung Tomorrow blog, the Korean consumer electronics giant has finally begun to push their Ice Cream Sandwich update out to the Galaxy S IIs of the world.

And with that, Galaxy S II owners began once again to feel the love. Or at least, most of them did. The update in question is meant for international spec Galaxy S II (the GT-I9100), so State-side owners of a AT&T/T-Mobile Galaxy S II or a Sprint Epic 4G Touch won’t be joining in the official fun just yet.

Aside from going live in the company’s native Korea later today, users in Poland, Hungary, and Sweden will be among the first to get the long-awaited update via the Kies software manager. Rest assured that other markets will soon follow, though Samsung doesn’t get any more specific than that.

In their official announcement, Samsung has also confirmed that the Ice Cream Sandwich update will “follow soon” for the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II LTE, and the 8.9 and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tabs. On top of that, Samsung will soon push out new updates that bring features like Face Unlock and a revamped photo editor to devices like the Galaxy S (and its Super Clear LCD variant), Galaxy Tab 7, Galaxy S Plus, and the Galaxy W.

Though there’s no word yet on when any of these updates will hit, expect Samsung to mistakenly announce it on their Indonesian portal before pulling the post and telling people to watch their Twitter account for news instead.