Galaxy Note Won’t Taste Ice Cream Sandwich Until Q2, But New Apps Sweeten The Deal

The still-popular Galaxy S II just recently got its first official taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, but Galaxy Note owners hoping to experience the same before the end of the quarter are bound to be disappointed by a new announcement from the Korean electronics giant.

Despite a proclamation from the company stating that the update would be available in Q1 2012, Samsung has officially pushed the release of the Note’s ICS update until some time next quarter.

Yeah, I know, it’s a bummer. If it’s any consolation, Note owners will have a slew of new pen-friendly apps to fiddle with once the update actually lands on their handsets. Among them is what Samsung calls S Note, a new writing app with plenty of templates for users to quickly format their thoughts and media into handsome snippets. The S Note app is also augmented by the inclusion of Shape Match (which automatically “corrects” drawn shapes and lines) and what’s sure to be a favorite of college students, Formula Match (recognizes formulas/equations and lets users search for answers).

Also on board is the new My Story app, which allows users to create and personalize their own digital greeting cards with their own media. You know, just because.

Alright, so unless you’re a frazzled student or compulsive life-tracker, they may not be the most substantial additions. Still, when combined with the rest of what Ice Cream Sandwich can do, Galaxy Note owners are in for a hell of an update. Of course, this particular update is meant for the international spec Galaxy Note only, so those of you with carefully cradling your AT&T Notes will have to wait a little longer — that is unless you’re willing to jump into the intriguing realm of rooting and ROMs.