Archos Teases G10 XS Tablet With Ultra-Thin Steel Chassis

Veteran tablet maker Archos has released a teaser video of a new tablet they’re going to be releasing (we presume) later this year. It’s called the G10 XS (the latest in a series of G tablets) and it has a few differentiating features that may call your name.

As others have noted, the only way for Android tablets to set themselves apart from one another is in design and specs. Archos has found one more that seems to have been mostly neglected: material. Ubergizmo reports that the shell of the G10 series will be made of “paper-thin” steel. Perhaps that’s how they managed to get the thing down to an impressive 7.6mm thick.

Check out the teaser video below.

A little artistic license may have been taken; this isn’t, obviously, a video of a device in real life.

The claim to thinnest tablet out there, of course, is short-lived and doesn’t have much of an effect on user experience past a certain point (do you really need that extra half a millimeter in your bag?) — but Archos isn’t divulging any specs yet. It will, however, ship with Ice Cream Sandwich.

And it also will have a close relationship with a keyboard, with which it will dock or possibly just sync. That puts it on a collision course with another major Android player, Asus, whose Transformer series has had a keyboard as a major feature for some time now.

No availability estimate was given, but the price is said to be between €200 and €400, or around $250-500.

Other models were mentioned as well, including some budget and mid-range items. Liliputing snapped a few pictures of promotional materials, if you’re curious.