Ice Cream Sandwich

Samsung, Please Don’t Ruin Ice Cream Sandwich With TouchWiz

If you're anything like me and you've fallen in love with Ice Cream Sandwich's looks, then seeing what Samsung has done to it may be a bit of a heartbreaker. <a href="

Motorola And Sony Ericsson Weigh In On The Android 4.0 Upgrade Process

The era of Ice Cream Sandwich is upon us, and while some of us are waiting diligently for our Galaxy Nexuses to to arrive, others are left pondering a more different question: when will my device get

$99 Chinese Tablet Is MIPS-Based, Runs Android 4.0

You could be forgiven for overlooking the <a href="">Ainovo Novo7</a>, a 7-inch Chinese Android tablet, as likely just another me-too device to be sold in electronics districts n

The First Ice Cream Sandwich Android Tablet Surfaces In China

Right now the only way to officially taste Ice Cream Sandwich on a device is on the Galaxy Nexus. Google stated that it would eventually hit tablets. Well, the wait is over. Somewhere in the bowels of

Nexus One Gets A Taste Of Ice Cream Sandwich Thanks To CM9

Google may have run out of love for the Nexus One <a href="">as far as Ice Cream Sandwich is concerned,</a

TechCrunch Giveaway: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0) #TechCrunch

Our very own Greg Kumparak and Jason Kincaid have both reviewed one -- both giving it positive reviews. It's the first time Greg has been <a href="

Dream Come True: Ice Cream Sandwich Comes To The HTC G1, Unofficially

HTC's G1, the first Android phone, had a long and interesting life <a href="">until it was retired last year</a>, and although I loved the phone, I

Ice Cream Sandwich Will Get Flash Support By The End Of The Year

It seemed, for a time, that the book on mobile Flash as we knew it<a href=""> was closed</a>. Adobe announced just

Intel Itching To Work With Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich

Intel hasn't been able to make much of a dent in the smartphone or tablet markets, but they're not about to give up just yet. <a href="

Impatient Nexus S Owners Can Play With Ice Cream Sandwich Now

Google has already confessed that the Nexus S would get the Ice Cream Sandwich update, but if you're not the type to wait -- and really, who is these days? -- you can load up a <a href="http://forum.x

Asus, Acer Android 3.0 Tabs To Eventually Get Updated To Ice Cream Sandwich

Now that Ice Cream Sandwich is real, manufacturers can start talking about the roll out. The good news is that ICS looks Tegra 2 friendly so it should run on most of the first generation Honeycomb tab

Google Soon To Release Source Code For Ice Cream Sandwich

Well, developers, it looks like Google will soon be releasing the code for Ice Cream Sandwich to the Android Open-Source Project. Thanks to a <a href="

Droid Razr To Taste Ice Cream Sandwich Update In First Half Of 2012

Motorola's Droid Razr made quite the splash yesterday thanks in part to <a href="">its impressive hardware</a>, but the Android build that

In-Depth Hands-On: Galaxy Nexus And Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)

Say goodbye to Android as you know it. Ice Cream Sandwich (otherwise known as Android 4.0) is coming, and it's the biggest upgrade Android has seen to date. But fancy new software isn't the only th

A Quick Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Feature Rundown

While hardware junkies like myself may have spent the past few weeks drooling over the Galaxy Nexus, the onstage demo of Android 4.0 (a.k.a Ice Cream Sandwich) proves that the software powering the de

Want To See The Next Version Of Android? A Bevy Of Ice Cream Sandwich Screenshots Leaks

Oh, what's that Google/Samsung? You've <a href="">canceled next week's Ice Cream

Lucky eBay Buyer Demos Ice Cream Sandwich On Video

Why is it that random eBay shoppers always seem to have the best luck? In what has to be one of the most fortuitous purchases I've seen in a while, someone picked up a Nexus S off of the auction site

A Twitter Poem: Next Nexus Leaked With Specs, Details, And Launch Info [Update]

Late last night the Android community was taken hostage by a rogue Twitter user. <a href="!/tfleming223">@tfleming223</a> started tweeting lines from a cryptic poem said to contai

Sony Ericsson 2011’s Xperia Line Will Get ICS, But Where’s Everyone Else?

With an <a href="">October/November launch window</a> more or less confirmed, the next burning quest

Google’s Eric Schmidt Pegs Ice Cream Sandwich For Mid-Fall Release

While at's Dreamforce conference, Google chairman Eric Schmidt let fly a juicy tidbit as he ran through how Android came to be. According to him, the next big version of Android is bein