Motorola Is Now Serving Up Ice Cream Sandwichs To The Xoom

Good news, Xoom owners. No, you’re not getting a refund but rather the official Ice Cream Sandwich update should now be available for OTA downloading. This update replaces the Xoom’s stock Honeycomb operating system with ICS, Google’s latest Android build. This comes just a week after Asus started rolling the update out to its new Transformer Prime tab.

Right now it seems as if only the American Wi-Fi are receiving the update. The international and 3G/4G models are seemingly on deck.

Hopefully this signals the flood gates are now open and most first-gen Honeycomb Tegra 2 tablets will soon get Android 4.x. The majority of the original Honeycomb tablets are built on very similar hardware, which should mean most will get the latest Android build. It’s up to each manufacturer to roll out the update to its devices though. Asus was the first out of the gate followed by Notion Ink and now Motorola. Hopefully Samsung, Acer, LG and all the rest are prepping their updates as well.