Google To Release New Ice Cream Sandwich Update For Nexus S

I don’t blame Nexus S users for feeling a bit forgotten — for a device ostensibly meant to be on the cutting edge of Android updates, the Nexus S hasn’t had much luck on the Ice Cream Sandwich front.

If Engadget’s sources hold true though, that may all change very shortly. According to them, Google is once again preparing to make the Ice Cream Sandwich update available, and it’s expected to drop within the “next few weeks.”

Google initially pushed out the update in mid-December 2011, but issues with battery life and the occasional sketchy wireless connection eventually caused them to stop pushing the update to users. At the time, Google said the update was paused so they could “monitor feedback,” and many users were ultimately without a way to upgrade.

There were still ways to get the update going, if you were lucky. T-Mobile Nexus S users could download the update and install it manually, but anyone who didn’t feel up to the task were plumb out of luck. Sprint customers working with Nexus S 4Gs have actually had it even worse — while their GSM brethren at least got a crack at downloading the update, Google has been quiet about an update for the CDMA/WiMax variant since day one. Thankfully, their patience is finally being rewarded — that is, if they haven’t bit the bullet and loaded up a custom ROM already.