Samsung Giveth And Taketh Away Ice Cream Sandwich For The Galaxy S II

Oh, how Galaxy S II owners’ hearts must have swelled last night! Samsung’s Filipino arm let slip on their news portal late yesterday that the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update would be made available to owners of the international Galaxy S II on March 10. Sure, it would be all TouchWiz-ified, but users of Samsung’s one-time flagship handset would finally have access to Google’s latest OS update and all the goodies it entails.

It all sounds great, and it would be if it were actually true.

Hours after the news broke, Samsung reps took to the official Korean Twitter account to disavow the erroneous release date. Instead, they stated that the global release schedule for the Android 4.0 has yet to be finalized, and that they would share the news via Twitter as soon as it was. Sorry (again) Samsung fans, your wait for an official taste of Ice Cream Sandwich is now just as murky as ever.

Still, there’s bound to be little love lost if you live in the U.S. and use one of the many Galaxy S II variants currently in circulation. While Samsung can push out their Ice Cream Sandwich update through their Kies software updater whenever they please, the update has to go through additional carrier testing and certification before it’ll ever hit your domestic handset.

While Samsung Philippines seems to have pulled the article proclaiming the news, the upgrade FAQ is still live and presumably accurate, so take a gander to see what the GT-I9100 will be in for whenever the update actually hits. Of course, if you’re really impatient and don’t mind a little extra legwork, you could always install one of the TouchWiz ICS ROMs floating around out there, though the squeamish should probably steer clear.