Dashlane universal password manager comes to Linux, Chromebook and Microsoft Edge

Dashlane, a popular password manager that now reaches 9 million users, is launching today on Linux, Chromebook, and in Microsoft Edge for the first time. The company before required users to install i

Dashlane, Google launch ‘OpenYOLO,’ an API-based password project for Android apps

Password management is one of the key defenses — or key weaknesses — when it comes to protecting your data and identity online, and today Dashlane — the digital wallet and password

Dashlane brings an enterprise password management tool to mobile devices

The popular password management utility Dashlane is going after the larger enterprise market today with the announcement of a new tool that will allow mobile employees to switch access between both t

Dashlane launches a password management tool for the enterprise

Keeping your passwords safe, updated, strong and less vulnerable to hacks is a challenge for everyone – even a few of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s online accounts were hacked over the we

Password management startup Dashlane, now with 5M users, raises $22.5M led by TransUnion

Dashlane, the New York startup that provides a platform for users to manage their passwords and online identities across multiple sites and apps, has raised a further $22.5 million in funding and pick

Dashlane hires former Fab.com and Makespace CFO David Lapter

David Lapter, formerly of Fab.com and MakeSpace, is moving on to Dashlane to serve as chief financial officer. Dashlane is a password management service that helps users keep track of their passwor

Dashlane Brings YubiKey Support To Its Password Manager

Using password managers like Dashlane or LastPass is probably one of the best ways to stay safe on the Internet (because you really don’t want to recycle your passwords), but when your password

Dashlane’s Redesigned Software Can Now Automatically Update Your Passwords Across 500 Websites

Dashlane, a password manager application that competes with the likes of 1Password and LastPass, among others, has just rolled out a significant update which not only gives the software a new look-and

Dashlane’s “Inbox Scan” Tool Uncovers The Passwords You’ve Saved In Your Email

Even if you create and use secure passwords with your various online sites, there are still a number of ways they can leak out. One area that’s often overlooked, according to password manager an

Following Numerous Data Breaches, Dashlane And LastPass Apps Can Now Reset Passwords For You

Data breaches like the ones at Target, Neiman Marcus, Staples, Home Depot, and most recently Bebe, are now exceedingly common. Combined with large-scale security incidents like Heartbleed, web users

Dashlane Passes 2M Users, Collects $22M For Its Client-Based Password Manager

Dashlane came to life in 2011 as a somewhat stealthy startup out of Paris that promised a smart approach to the sometimes-frustrating art of consumers managing multiple passwords. Nearly three year

Dashlane’s Password Management Service Now Alerts Users When Their Accounts May Be Hacked

<a target="_blank" href="http://dashlane.com/">Dashlane</a>, a desktop and mobile app which helps you login to websites, fill out forms and speed through checkout faster, has launched a new feature wh