Dashlane Brings YubiKey Support To Its Password Manager

Using password managers like Dashlane or LastPass is probably one of the best ways to stay safe on the Internet (because you really don’t want to recycle your passwords), but when your password manager itself is only protected by a basic password, you set yourself up for problems.

If you are a paying Dashlane user, you can keep your passwords a bit safer because the service now supports Yubico’s YubiKeys.

With this, Dashlane joins companies like Google, Dropbox and GitHub in supporting YubiKeys for their consumer-facing applications.

It’s worth noting that Dashlane competitor LastPass also supports YubiKeys, but you have to be a paying user to be able to use this feature, and LastPass uses the older OTP protocol. Dashlane, on the other hand, uses the more modern Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) authentication protocol.

Using a YubiKey with Dashlane is very similar to using it with any other service. To get started, you simply walk through the setup process until you’re asked to plug in your key and set it up. Then, whenever you need to log into the service in the future, you simply enter your password, plug in your YubiKey when prompted, tap it and you’re good to go.

Update: Dashlane mistakenly told us that YubiKey support would be available for both free and paying customers. It’s only available to paying users, however. We’ve updated this post to reflect this.