• The Outdoor Exchange Is Crowdfunding A Subscription-Based Lending Service For Outdoor Gear

    The Outdoor Exchange Is Crowdfunding A Subscription-Based Lending Service For Outdoor Gear

    Being an outdoor enthusiast can be expensive these days. With camping equipment, kayaks, binoculars, fishing gear, and of course, Dropcams to record your sweet bike stunts, the costs can really add up. And let’s face it, if you’re not spending every weekend in the great outdoors, is it really worth storing all that equipment in your own home? Newly launched startup The Outdoor… Read More

  • SteriPEN Sidewinder: Crank-Powered UV Water Sterilizer

    There a number of ways to sterilize your water when you’re camping, traveling, or just feel like making sure. Boiling generally does the trick, but if you don’t have the time to set up the stove, your options can be limited. Nobody likes the taste of iodine, so this UV-based SteriPEN Sidewinder might be a good option. You crank the handle, it blasts the one-liter bottle with UV… Read More

  • DIY: Stereo Cooler

    Here’s a clever yet simple DIY project for you, just in time for the weekend. You could probably even through this thing together before the next camping trip, even if you are heading out tonight. It’s that simple. Read More

  • JakPak converts from jacket to emergency shelter

    Assuming this is durable, this is just the type of emergency shelter I could see using myself. The JakPak turns from an all-weather jacket into a portable shelter by unzipping into a basic bivy sack. It’s a given that it wouldn’t be terribly comfortable, but in a survival situation who cares about comfort. Read More

  • Brunton's Flip N' Drip makes camping more coffee-tastic

    If you find yourself in the overlapping section of the Venn diagram containing people who like camping and people who like coffee, you may very well begin figuring out how you’re going to find $45 to buy Brunton’s Flip N’ Drip Coffee Maker when it comes out next February. Read More

  • Wearable sleeping bag puts Snuggie to shame

    Consider this a Snuggie for a true outdoorsman. The Lippi Selk’bag is basically a sleeping bag/jumpsuit hybrid made out of material warm enough to withstand temperatures in the Andes. It comes in five different colors and ranges in price between $100 and $150. Read More

  • Not iPhone: Cardboard toilet doubles as a sturdy stool

    Here’s a cardboard toilet. It’s called the Shit Box. I’m happy that it appears to only be available in the UK, brought to you by The Brown Corporation (get it?). The outfit’s tagline is “a solid company” (get it?). Each box comes packed flat at 14-inches square and there are 10 “poo bags” included. It also doubles as a stool – a stool… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Must-Have Camping Gear

    Every once in awhile, we here like to step outside of the CrunchGear Mansion. And, when we’re feeling particularly frisky, we’ve even been known to go camping. Of course, just because you’re roughin’ it, it doesn’t mean you have to be without some basic necessities. As part of our ongoing series on summer outdoorsy fun, here are our favorite camping gadgets. Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Grilling for Geeks

    Technology seems to improve rapidly as time goes by. Think back to fifteen years ago – ah yes, I can still remember my IBM PS/1. I was drawn to it by its sexy Windows 3.1 operating system and of all things, Paintbrush. That computer system is the reason I am writing this article today, because it sparked my love for technology. But that wasn’t my only childhood love. Another… Read More

  • Hippy Bath in a Bag

    If you’re the “outdoorsy” type, then you’re probably not very bright. The idea of abandoning thousands of years of technology, industry, social evolution and hygiene to “get back in touch with nature” is insulting to us entrenched city folk. But some of you keep it up. Whatever. Have some granola. At least with help from the Sun, you can pretend to get clean. Read More

  • Sunsei Solar Chargers For Just About Everything

    Growing up in the Northwest I was surrounded by trees, mountains, rivers (the non-toxic kind) and a lawn to mow every week. You could call me a treehugger or just a proponent for a greener planet and I’d smile from ear to ear. It always makes me smile when I see eco-friendly products. Sunsei has an assortment of solar panels that are diminutive in size compared to most of the solar… Read More

  • Gather Round The Campfire

    Come children, gather round the campfire so we can roast s’mores, tell scary stories and sing kumbaya. Read More

  • Drive-by Video Of Video Game Campers

    The Hole – video powered by Metacafe A lot of us realize that some of you are diehard gamers and will wait outside a long time for a PS3. That’s great and all, but when it’s pouring rain outside and there are supposedly “wind gusts of up to 60mph”, you’re just an idiot for standing… Read More

  • Electric Marshmallow Toaster for Perfect Toasted Marshmallows

    We don’t do the outdoors much, what with rain, bird flu, and bears, but when we do we expect three things: Beer, fire, and toasted marshmallows. It is only this combination that gets us into these things called “woods”. But being that we’re gadget people, putting your marshmallow on a stick that you have to manually turn just won’t do. No, we must use this… Read More

  • Remote Control Lantern for Lazy, Shiftless Campers

    We remember reading a Popular Science from the late sixties we found at our grandparent’s place that dealt with “camping in the future”. Most of their predictions have not come true: sure, we have self-assembling tents, but we don’t take “food pills” instead of trail mix, and my Ultra-Sonic Bear Repelling Rocket Swiss Army Belt must have been lost in the… Read More