Jesse Klein

Jesse Klein is a science, outdoor and business journalist who has written for New Scientist, GreenBiz, The New York Times and WIRED. Having previously worked inside Bay Area startups, she has a deep understanding of the pressing issues facing the businesses of tomorrow.

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Is that weed you’re smoking green enough?

For most industries, sustainability is an exercise in correcting the mistakes of the past — from changing mindsets to the machinery used. But for the fledgling cannabis industry, there is still hope

GreenForges digs deep to farm underground

Vertical farms usually look up. Aerofarms, Plenty, Gotham Greens — these companies are trying to revolutionize agriculture by looking toward the sky, with tall warehouses full of growing equipment e

Hydroponic farming startup Just Vertical cultivates growth at home 

The indoor growing industry is starting to scale. Farms that utilize hydroponics and traditional greenhouses have started to become integral parts of our food supply chain.   

A new climate calculator for livestock aims to help ranchers reduce emissions

When it comes to sustainable livestock production and agriculture, measurement is the first, and sometimes most elusive, step in the process of turning our food system from a carbon emitter into a car

Outdoor startups see supercharged growth during COVID-19 era

After months of shelter-in-place orders, widespread shutdowns and physical distancing, outdoors became the only location for safe socializing.

Yard Stick provides measurement technology to combat climate change

The solution to the world’s climate change problems could be under our feet. But you can’t manage something until you can measure it, and that’s where Yard Stick comes in.