Gather Round The Campfire

Come children, gather round the campfire so we can roast s’mores, tell scary stories and sing kumbaya.

Growing up in Oregon I had the best of both worlds, mountains an hour to the east and the mighty pacific ocean an hour to the west. Yes we had traffic lights and working plumbing. Something people ask me quite often and I’ve never understood why. Anywho, next to the cow-tipping and barn parties that I’m used to I did a lot of camping. Now keep in mind inebriated teenagers are not the best people to be handling an open flame so I really wish I had this great little contraption.

The tripod burner looks remarkably like a real bonfire with the logs crossed together like a teepee. A simple flick of the switch on one leg gets the burners goin and another switch adjusts the ‘flames’ intensity. When you’re done making s’mores and you’re ready to roll then just fold it up, throw it in a bag and you’re off.

S’mores [Yanko Design]