GM and Cruise reveal their fourth-generation, steering wheel-free Cruise AV

GM and Cruise are making progress on their plan to deploy autonomous vehicles on roads for the public: Today, it’s showing off its fourth-generation Cruise Autonomous Vehicle (AV), which comes j

G-Ro rolls out four new smart bags

I doubt there has been a time that I’ve scrolled through Facebook and not seen the G-Ro. While this could be part of the magic of retargeting but it could also be fate because the G-Ro has been

Jackson Wayne makes a messenger bag for time travelers to the Old West

Well howdy, partner! How’s your Django app deployment going? Jackson Wayne makes leather goods with a decidedly old-timey, pre-WWII/post-Pony Express bent. Founded by a former lawyer, Andrew Lyn

Hands On With Voyager, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Leather Travel Bag

As someone who travels a lot, I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect bag. Anything with wheels is clunky, duffel bags always mix up my clothes and gadgets, and backpacks make me look l

The Bolstr Bag Is A Gadget Toter’s Best Friend

We rarely talk about bags on TC these days (except during Bag Week) but here’s a crowdfunding project that I think would be perfect for all of us multi-phone, laptop-toting nerdotrons. Call the

WaterField’s Staad Is A Durable And Gorgeous Low-Profile Backpack In Leather And Canvas

There have been so many permutations of the standard backpack at this point that it’s hard for a bag maker to come up with an original spin that adds anything to the formula. WaterField, a San Franc

The Bootlegger Modular Pack On Kickstarter Is Three Very Different Backpacks In One

San Francisco-based Boreas Gear, Inc. is funding its latest product through Kickstarter, in an attempt to build a modular pack system that provides three bags in one. If you're a bag enthusiast like m

Bag Week: The Nomadic WT-18 Toto Bag And WL-25 Wise-Walker Backpack

I'm starting Bag Week off with two bags from one of my favorite manufacturers, Nomadic. This Japanese seller of quality bags makes their rucksacks out of rip-stop fabric and offers a certain stark, co

A Few New Bag Designs From Golla

I spent a good portion of my adult career as a graphic designer. I still look at the world through that lens, so I am always happy to stumble across some beautiful designs, no matter where they might

The Road To CES: A Peek Inside Our Gadget Bags

When you're a small team going to cover the biggest electronics show in the world, every person has to act as a Swiss Army knife, able to fill any role at any time. This generally produces an incredib

Review: Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase

We covered Saddleback Leather's products <a HREF="">last year</a> and we thought it would be fun to bring these guys back on

Bag Week Review: Mission Workshop Sanction

Bag Week continues with our review of Mission Workshop's Sanction backpack. It's a weather-proof pack made for short trips on your bike or long walks in the rain. It's their smallest backpack, far sma

Welcome To Bag Week 2011

We pay a lot of lip service to high-tech gadgetry and gizmos on TechCrunch, focusing on only the latest and greatest for your edification. But what abou the stuff that barely gets any notice? What abo

Tactical Messenger Bag Takes Preparedness To The Next Level

I'll be the first to admit that I usually rock a man-bag on a daily basis, but rarely have I ever considered using something as hardcore as the <a href="

Unit Portables Modularizes Your Bags

<img src="" />These laptop bags are slightly different from your average messenger or sling. Out of the box, the Unit 01 (no

It's A Nintendo Controller Messenger Bag!

We’ve seen bags like this before — they’ve existed in one form or another for about 25 years now — but I believe this reversible-flap one at ThinkGeek is new. It looks decent,

Customizable Laptop Bag For Those Days When "Red Might Flow Better"

I’m not exactly sure what this image is trying to stay – it’s evocative of the red red kroovy in Clockwork Orange – but I’m sure someone somewhere understands it. Anyway,

Think Tank's Retrospective 5 Is An Understated, Compact Camera Bag

<img src="" />If the <a href="">ONA Un

Ralph Lauren Puts Out A Waterproof, Solar-Paneled Backpack

<img src="" />This thing is way out of my price range, but that doesn't mean I can't think about having one. The Solar Panel Backpack (very

Review: ONA Union Street Camera/Laptop Bag

Short version: A good-looking and fairly durable alternative to your usual black-nylon camera bag. Not an all-purpose bag, though — definitely for the photographer who loves waxed canvas, not th
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