• Hands On With Voyager, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Leather Travel Bag

    Hands On With Voyager, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Leather Travel Bag

    As someone who travels a lot, I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect bag. Anything with wheels is clunky, duffel bags always mix up my clothes and gadgets, and backpacks make me look like I’m still in middle school. Enter Voyager, a bag made by This is Ground, a handmade leather goods company based in downtown Los Angeles. Their bag is stylish like a briefcase, roomy like… Read More

  • The Bolstr Bag Is A Gadget Toter’s Best Friend

    The Bolstr Bag Is A Gadget Toter’s Best Friend

    We rarely talk about bags on TC these days (except during Bag Week) but here’s a crowdfunding project that I think would be perfect for all of us multi-phone, laptop-toting nerdotrons. Call the Bolstr, this U.S.-made bag is small enough to be unobtrusive and not fancy enough to rank as a true murse. Created by Cleveland native Jay Yoo, the thin back features pockets for all your… Read More

  • WaterField’s Staad Is A Durable And Gorgeous Low-Profile Backpack In Leather And Canvas

    WaterField’s Staad Is A Durable And Gorgeous Low-Profile Backpack In Leather And Canvas

    There have been so many permutations of the standard backpack at this point that it’s hard for a bag maker to come up with an original spin that adds anything to the formula. WaterField, a San Francisco-based manufacturer with a reputation for quality, has done an admirable job with their new Staad bag. The Staad is a handsome backpack with a waxed canvas or ballistic body, trademark… Read More

  • The Bootlegger Modular Pack On Kickstarter Is Three Very Different Backpacks In One

    The Bootlegger Modular Pack On Kickstarter Is Three Very Different Backpacks In One

    San Francisco-based Boreas Gear, Inc. is funding its latest product through Kickstarter, in an attempt to build a modular pack system that provides three bags in one. If you’re a bag enthusiast like myself (that might not be a real thing but I still have tons of them) then you’ll appreciate the idea of a simple system that makes it easy to covert a single frame into a daypack… Read More

  • Bag Week: The Nomadic WT-18 Toto Bag And WL-25 Wise-Walker Backpack

    Bag Week: The Nomadic WT-18 Toto Bag And WL-25 Wise-Walker Backpack

    I’m starting Bag Week off with two bags from one of my favorite manufacturers, Nomadic. This Japanese seller of quality bags makes their rucksacks out of rip-stop fabric and offers a certain stark, compact design that is as far from your typical JanSport as a kimono is from an Ed Hardy shirt. Most of Nomadic’s bags are quite small and the the WT-18 Wise-Walker Toto is no exception. Read More

  • A Few New Bag Designs From Golla

    A Few New Bag Designs From Golla

    I spent a good portion of my adult career as a graphic designer. I still look at the world through that lens, so I am always happy to stumble across some beautiful designs, no matter where they might be. Stumble I did, into the Golla booth at the Mobile World Congress today (2 hours of sleep and about 300 calories of food in the last 36 hours) to find a pretty killer lineup of beautifully… Read More

  • The Road To CES: A Peek Inside Our Gadget Bags

    The Road To CES: A Peek Inside Our Gadget Bags

    When you’re a small team going to cover the biggest electronics show in the world, every person has to act as a Swiss Army knife, able to fill any role at any time. This generally produces an incredibly heavy bag, packed with spare cameras, lenses, batteries, cords, and of course a laptop. Luckily for us, our live-camera approach to covering the show takes a bit of that burden off of… Read More

  • Review: Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase

    Review: Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase

    We covered Saddleback Leather’s products last year and we thought it would be fun to bring these guys back on stage one more time for an encore. As you can see from the images, these are, in a sense, your grandpa’s bags. They are made of thick, old-world, heavily-stitched leather and feature heavy duty hardware, delicate pigskin lining, and a lot of polish. While I wouldn’t go… Read More

  • Bag Week Review: Mission Workshop Sanction

    Bag Week Review: Mission Workshop Sanction

    Bag Week continues with our review of Mission Workshop’s Sanction backpack. It’s a weather-proof pack made for short trips on your bike or long walks in the rain. It’s their smallest backpack, far smaller than the Vandal I reviewed last year. But at 1000 cubic inches, it’s still big enough day-tripping. Let’s take a closer look at this thing. Read More

  • Welcome To Bag Week 2011

    Welcome To Bag Week 2011

    We pay a lot of lip service to high-tech gadgetry and gizmos on TechCrunch, focusing on only the latest and greatest for your edification. But what abou the stuff that barely gets any notice? What about the straps, bags, and sacs that carry our devices hither and yon with nary a scratch. That’s why we’re holding our annual Bag Week this week and that’s why we’re going to… Read More

  • Tactical Messenger Bag Takes Preparedness To The Next Level

    Tactical Messenger Bag Takes Preparedness To The Next Level

    I’ll be the first to admit that I usually rock a man-bag on a daily basis, but rarely have I ever considered using something as hardcore as the ITS Tactical Discreet Messenger Bag. While my usual load-out consists of the AOL-issued work laptop and a camera, the TDM bag packs compartments for use that goes above and beyond the ordinary. Read More

  • Unit Portables Modularizes Your Bags

    These laptop bags are slightly different from your average messenger or sling. Out of the box, the Unit 01 (no relation to Eva Unit 01) is essentially blank on the outside. But add on Unit 02 and/or Unit 03 (or more than one of either) to its little hook-on system and you’ve got yourself some extra storage that’s easily removable and accessible. Read More

  • It's A Nintendo Controller Messenger Bag!

    We’ve seen bags like this before — they’ve existed in one form or another for about 25 years now — but I believe this reversible-flap one at ThinkGeek is new. It looks decent, and it’ll hold plenty of swag if you bring it to E3 or PAX. It doesn’t look especially rugged, but the price is right, and it’s better than this official one at the Club Nintendo. Read More

  • Customizable Laptop Bag For Those Days When "Red Might Flow Better"

    I’m not exactly sure what this image is trying to stay – it’s evocative of the red red kroovy in Clockwork Orange – but I’m sure someone somewhere understands it. Anyway, this is the Carmazzi1 Bag. It is designed to be completely customizable and the basic set includes 12 different configurations for $89. You can buy extra pockets and straps and set it up to open… Read More

  • Think Tank's Retrospective 5 Is An Understated, Compact Camera Bag

    If the ONA Union bag I reviewed last week seemed a little too large or expensive, take a look at Think Tank’s Retrospective 5. It’s a similar messenger/flap style, but smaller and less geared towards waxed canvas fetishists like myself. I can’t actually tell from these pictures whether it’s nylon or canvas, no matter how hard I look, but either one would be fine by… Read More

  • Ralph Lauren Puts Out A Waterproof, Solar-Paneled Backpack

    This thing is way out of my price range, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about having one. The Solar Panel Backpack (very original, Ralph) in the RLX line is… well, it’s a backpack with a solar panel on it. Read More

  • Review: ONA Union Street Camera/Laptop Bag

    Short version: A good-looking and fairly durable alternative to your usual black-nylon camera bag. Not an all-purpose bag, though — definitely for the photographer who loves waxed canvas, not the gadget guy or world traveler, despite its Indiana Jones looks. Read More

  • Normancies' Aluminum-Reinforced Laptop Bag Looks Like The Business

    I’m always worried that when I put my laptop bag down, I’m putting it down on the corner of my laptop. Bam! Not a problem with these cases from Normancies, which have a band of aluminum making up the handle and protecting the sides. Read More

  • Get You Some New Tiny Camera Bags From Acme Made

    It’s easy to confuse a camera bag with a man-purse. Not that murses are a bad thing — but not all of us can pull them off, so we must be wary in our camera bag choices. I’m sorry to say I wouldn’t be able to rock these Acme Made bags, though they do look very nice. I can’t really do the euro look. Read More

  • Review: Booq Cobra Courier M And XS Bags

    Short version: Beautiful and well-made, but somewhat restrictive space-wise (especially the twee XS), these premium bags are great for the pro on the go, but not really for any kind of travel. Do you like the slick black style for your laptop bags? This one is probably the sexiest out there right now. Read More

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