The Bolstr Bag Is A Gadget Toter’s Best Friend

We rarely talk about bags on TC these days (except during Bag Week) but here’s a crowdfunding project that I think would be perfect for all of us multi-phone, laptop-toting nerdotrons. Call the Bolstr, this U.S.-made bag is small enough to be unobtrusive and not fancy enough to rank as a true murse.

Created by Cleveland native Jay Yoo, the thin back features pockets for all your gadgetry including a hidden back pocket for tablets and documents.

The cross-body bag even includes a belt to attach it around your waist like a holster, thereby allowing you to pull off all sorts of action moves like “Running Through The Airport” and “Jumping To Catch A Falling Beer.”

Yoo was featured on where he described his design philosophy as “less-is-more.”

“Most of us do not want to lug around an oversized laptop bag, strap on a fanny pack, or carry some funky man purse, just to accommodate a few more every day carry items,” he said.

After years spent on the road, Yoo formed an intimate understanding of the travel wear market and wanted to create something cool. His first project, a jacket with iPod controls in the lapel, failed but this one is already overfunded to the tune of $67,000 and still has 14 days to go. Pricing starts at $45 for a single bag. It will eventually retail for $75.

It looks like a fun product created by a guy who knows the space well and, at less than $50, it might be just the thing to replace your worn Pepsi-branded fanny pack (looking at you, Uncle Paul).

via CrowdfundInsider