• Normancies' Aluminum-Reinforced Laptop Bag Looks Like The Business

    I’m always worried that when I put my laptop bag down, I’m putting it down on the corner of my laptop. Bam! Not a problem with these cases from Normancies, which have a band of aluminum making up the handle and protecting the sides. Read More

  • Get You Some New Tiny Camera Bags From Acme Made

    It’s easy to confuse a camera bag with a man-purse. Not that murses are a bad thing — but not all of us can pull them off, so we must be wary in our camera bag choices. I’m sorry to say I wouldn’t be able to rock these Acme Made bags, though they do look very nice. I can’t really do the euro look. Read More

  • Review: Booq Cobra Courier M And XS Bags

    Short version: Beautiful and well-made, but somewhat restrictive space-wise (especially the twee XS), these premium bags are great for the pro on the go, but not really for any kind of travel. Do you like the slick black style for your laptop bags? This one is probably the sexiest out there right now. Read More

  • Acme Made's New Clutch And Skinny MacBook Sleeves Now Available At Apple Stores

    If you’re in need of a sexy sleeve for your new Sandy Bridge/Thunderbolt MacBook Pro, you might consider picking up one of these from Acme Made. I reviewed a couple of their bags a while back and I know them to be pretty solid, with nice materials. These two new entries are available only in Apple Stores, though, so you’ll have to move your feet around to get ’em. Read More

  • SSDD A-3 Backpack From Fuct Looks Solid

    I have a thing for understated, unbranded backpacks like this; I still have pangs of desire for this one, but it was Japan-only, like the one above from Fuct. Read More

  • Truco Roller Bag Splits Into Pieces For Easy Stowage

    I just noticed that “stowage” is a lot like “storage,” and chances are the former is just a corruption of the latter born on the high seas, where nobody has the time or inclination enunciate. But to proceed: Are you one of those people who must use every possible cubic inch of storage allotted to you on the plane, and perhaps a little more? If so, you bother me, and I… Read More

  • Indiana Jones Would Rock This Canvas Lunch Bag

    This thing makes me want to go loot some ancient temple, then stop and have a panini on the way out. Of course, I’m a sucker for waxed canvas, but you have to admit this Artifact lunch sack handsome object. It costs $45, which is a bit much for giving to a young’un with a habit of losing things, but it’s a great option for reducing your own brown paper bag usage. You still… Read More

  • The ONA Union Street Messenger Bag Looks Waxily Amazing

    I’ve been on the lookout for a nice waxed canvas messenger bag over the last few weeks, and this one from ONA looks like it might really hit the spot. Waxwear finish, removable laptop compartment, brass fittings… it’s like they pulled it fully formed from my mind. Read More

  • Lowepro Camera Bag Roundup

    It’s tough to recommend camera bags. Choosing the bag that’s right for you can be long process, and one that you should take seriously, even to the point of going to your local camera store and check out the fit and feel of bags there. You need to make sure that the bag you choose fits your needs, but still has room to grow. That way your spouse/significant other can’t shoot… Read More

  • New Upscale Cobra Booq Bags Are Sleek And Expensive

    Bag maker Booq has a new line of gear aimed at the high end — you know, business guys who want understated black stuff but don’t want to be a Samsonite guy. I really like the look of the shoulder bag above, the Cobra Courier XS ($145), for when I want to go around with just my iPad and a book or two. Read More

  • Gorgeous Incase Camera Bag Designed By Ari Marcopoulos

    Wow, this is a really, really sexy bag. It’s my favorite color, it’s got room for a DSLR, an extra lens, a back-up point-and-shoot, and an iPad. It’s heavy duty, padded, water-repellent, and… it’s really just got everything. Damn, Ari! I look forward to your next project! [via NotCot] Read More

  • TravelTeq Suitcase Doubles As A Chair, Speaker System

    Acquire points us to this weird TravelTeq aluminum suitcase that folds out to turn into a seat (for long waits at the airport) and has a small protective case that pops out for your laptop or other sundries. There’s also an option charging and speaker system that can be built-into the case. This doesn’t come cheap – they start at $700 – but aren’t you worth it… Read More

  • Bag Week Review: Rickshaw Commuter 2.0

    Short version: A great bag with some interesting strengths and only a few drawbacks. Good for laptops and accessories, not so much for cameras or bulky items. Read More

  • Review: Cocoon Innovations Gramercy iPad Bag

    Back when the iPad was new and the world was a different place, we thought we could have it all. This was before the Gulf oil spill, before the horrors of LeBron, before the East Coast heat wave of ought-ten. Back then we thought men could wear little purses to carry their iPads in. Sadly, those heady, care-free days are gone. Cocoon Innovations is best known for their Grid-It system of… Read More

  • Booq's new Mamba Catch bag is ready for your shoulder

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Booq, but you may remember our reviews of the Mamba Shift and Boa Squeeze. The identifying characteristics of Booq bags are a slick exterior and pocket-packed interior, and the new Catch doesn’t disappoint there. It’s a messenger/shoulder bag with a bit of structure to it so it doesn’t collapse when empty. Personally I like… Read More

  • Woah, these laptop bags made from recycled fire hose look awesome

    It’s too bad we didn’t hear about these before Bag Week. Feuer Bags is a German company that makes bags out of decommissioned fire hose. You better believe they’re tough. Plus, they have a beautiful worn-in look right out of the box. I know “pre-worn” is a bit of a cliché now, but there’s something beautiful about objects that are genuinely hard-used and… Read More

  • Unbelievably good idea: self-weighing suitcase

    So airlines are cracking down on the amount of luggage you can bring on board, and I can’t say I really blame them. Costs are up, profits are down, and the width of the average passenger has been increasing steadily for some 30 years now. They say can bring only 50 pounds on board, and who are you to say otherwise? You’re getting into their flying machine and going across country for… Read More

  • Why is this gorgeous backpack Japan-only?

    Hello, my name is Devin, and I’m a bagaholic. I can’t get enough. Despite getting my hands on such awesome and varied backpacks as the Mamba Shift, the Soyuz, and the Vandal, not to mention those sweet things from Acme Made back in the day, I can’t help but lust after the latest book-and-laptop receptacle. This time, unfortunately, the rascals have made it only available… Read More

  • Poofy laptop containers for Targus

    So you’re looking for a new backpack. You’re thinking to yourself, “I want a bag that is water resistant, and looks like a ski parka.” Well look no further, weary traveler. The newly released Crave line will fit both of those criteria. Read More

  • Review: Mission Workshop Vandal weather-proof backpack

    Short version: Versatile but not particularly compact, the Vandal is a good choice for the hardcore urban biker/family man who needs to fit everything in his backpack, rain or shine. Read More