• CrunchBoard Jobs: TechCrunch Remote Intern, Director of Marketing, VP Mobile Ad Sales, CTO

    Update: TechCrunch is looking for 4 remote interns–5+ hours per week. While this week saw fewer new jobs on CrunchBoard, companies are still adding jobs in New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, Philadelphia, and telecommute. (Here at TechCrunch, we’re looking for a Rails Developer.) New jobs on CrunchBoard: Software Engineer
    Yelp – San Francisco, CA Vice President Online… Read More

  • Google Earth used in Swiss marijuana bust

    Google Earth, now used to combat the scourge of marijuana. Police in Switzerland used the map software to help find some 1.2 tons worth of the substance. And that’s not all! Read More

  • Nokia releases "Curse of Silence" removal application

    Image by Katie Tegtmeyer As many of us were still sleeping off our New Years celebrations back in early January, a team of security experts found a nasty little bug tucked away into S60 handsets. Dubbed the “Curse of Silence”, SMS capabilities on a wide array of Nokia devices could be disabled by sending a series of specially formatted texts. Were you unlucky enough to be… Read More

  • Record Label Pressure Crashes Spotify's Party

    Music streaming startup Spotify is getting lots of plaudits from users lately for its ease of use and vast catalogue. But it seems the record labels don’t like it that way. In a blog post the startup outlines how it will be removing a number of songs from its catalogue and adding country restrictions to some tracks, which may make them unplayable for many users. The changes are being… Read More

  • Those crazy face masks Japanese wear in public? They work

    While this post is actually just an excuse to show you this great picture – high stockings, cellphones, and vaguely menacing medical gear are so underrated – it’s now been proven that facemasks can and do prevent the spread of flu. Unfortunately, you have to wear them almost constantly, which is probably not so much fun. Read More

  • Acer planning a 10-inch Aspire One netbook with Linux & a SSD

    Acer went all official on the 10-inch Aspire One a few days ago, but that model is loaded with XP Home. It seems however that a Linux flavor with a 16GB SSD is in the works of the same model and might be loaded with the same distro of Linux as the original 8.9-inch Aspire One. Read More

  • Russian PM Putin punks Michael Dell at Davos re: Russian IT

    Oh it’s on! It seems Russian Prime Minister Putin got into a huge fight with Michael Dell yesterday at the Davos World Economic Forum, which is where world leaders plan their screwing over of the little guy while eating like princes. (So I hear.) Right, so Putin gave a speech talking about lots of stuff, including the current state of technology in Russia. Then Michael Dell opened his… Read More

  • Adding YouTube Annotations Just Got Easy. I've Got A Bad Feeling About This…

    For better or for worse, YouTube has just made it easier to add annotations to your videos. Annotations, which were introduced to the site last June, consist of little grey popups that can include standard text boxes or speech bubbles, or offer interactive links to other clips. They’re useful when they’re used sparingly, but can also be more than a little annoying. To insert… Read More

  • OpenID + OAuth: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

    Today, Google and Plaxo released a hybrid protocol that combines OpenID, the open online identity standard, with OAuth, the secure data portability standard. Too often, when a Website wants to import your contacts from another Web service, it asks for your login and pasowrd credentials. OAuth gets around that by sending you back to the original site where you login and authorize the… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Gears of War 2

    Frickin’ bodies as shields! All right, that’s getting old, even for me. This week, Zero Punctuation rips into Gears of War 2 and concludes what we’ve all known for months. But he’s so much more eloquent about it then the rest of us. Read More

  • Palm Pre hiding two neat little features: Drag to unlock, Spacebar triggered shutter

    CES 2009 is long since over, but details of the Palm Pre are still trickling out. Take this latest video from MobileDivide, for example – it’s largely a recap of stuff we’ve known for a while, but it packs in two little morsels that had previously gone unnoticed: Drag-to-unlock: Similar to the iPhone’s “Slide to unlock” mechanism, except optimized for… Read More

  • StarPlayr: You'll soon be able to listen to Sirius XM on your iPhone

    Fancy listening to Backspin on your iPhone? Or maybe you’d like to hear the comedy stylings of Christian Jimmy on The Virus? Soon, friends. Soon. Supposedly. On the way to the App Store, the uSirius StarPlayr, an iPhone app that lets you listen to Sirius XM on your iPhone. Fancy that. Read More

  • Europe gets a Halo 3 + Halo Wars Xbox 360 bundle

    Looks like there’s a “best of” Halo Xbox 360 bundle on the way, which coincides with the upcoming Halo Wars. Too bad that it looks to be Europe-only. (It was first found on a Swedish Web site.) That’s how it looks right now, that is. Read More

  • Pandora Handheld Gaming Computer prototype

    We’ve heard about the fabled Pandora handheld emulation device for a while now and maybe, just maybe, it will hit the market before we lose interest. This prototype looks similar to the early renderings which is great cause it seems like the perfect, pocketable size. All the specs are reportable the same too, but now we can see the little guy in action with the video after the break. Read More

  • Where does it end? North Carolina considers its own ‘download tax’

    Oh, North Carolina. The state, which is home to Ric Flair (pictured here), is now considering a tax on downloadable items. This, in a time when people are losing their jobs left and right. Download an eBook, get taxed. Download a song, get taxed. Download a movie, get taxed. Download a game, get taxed. You get the idea. Read More

  • This scanner concept is a lot smaller than your average scanner

    This is a scanner. It may not look like one, and, technically, it’s not even real, but it’s a scanner. Promise. Read More

  • ‘BodySound’ chair with seven built-in speakers

    Take seven strategically-placed speakers and cover them in soft foam and Italian leather and you’ve got yourself the BodySound Recliner, starting at $5,995. According to the company, the chair “eliminates the need for in-room loudspeakers” by addressing “the need for full impact, large scale sound in a smaller space.” Read More

  • A twee cuckoo clock watch

    This isn’t a real product but wouldn’t it be great if it were? I’d be able to hear a delightful cuckoo sound emanating from my girlish wrists, every hour spent along staring at my computer screen noted and categorized by that infernal bird, a raven to my mad-eyed wastage on the Internet, a reminder that I am soon to be gone, soon to be dust and dirt and worm food and each tick… Read More

  • Report: Circuit City's liquidation going great

    Despite our attempts to inform everyone that the Circuit City liquidation deals are scams, apparently some people are still spending their money at the dead retailer. In fact, there the liquidator overlords might start another round of markdowns starting today because the sales are going so well. The distribution centers are almost cleared out and it seems Circuit City’s days are coming to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Second generation Flip camcorder for $80

    With Valentine’s Day approaching and the economy being the way it is, it doesn’t hurt to save where and when you can. Today’s Woot is far from stellar, but the Flip is a popular camcorder despite its shortcomings. Those shortcomings only apply to us nerds it seems and the general consumer – think soccer mom – aren’t worried about the things we bitch about. Read More

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