• Wrath of the Lich King sells 2.8 million copies in first 24 hours

    As if there was any doubt, Blizzard sold an awful lot of copies of Wrath of the Lich King last week. In fact, it sold more than 2.8 million copies of the game within the first 24 hours of its release. That’s what told us, at least. The previous expansion, The Burning Crusade sold 2.4 million in its first 24 hours. Ever since then, people have been playing the game non-stop, sometimes to… Read More

  • Gran Turismo 5 at 240fps – why?

    Because the human eye has an effective “refresh rate” of around 30 frames per second, there is a certain point at which even major increases or decreases in frames per second will have no visible effect. I’d place that number, off the top of my head, around 100fps — at that point your eye isn’t going to “catch” the display in mid-update, as the… Read More

  • eMusic: 250 million songs downloaded. iTunes: 5 Billion+

    Will the music subscription business ever grow beyond its current niche? It looks increasingly doubtful. Today, eMusic announced that since it launched its current music subscription service in 2003, customers have downloaded 250 million songs. Apple’s iTunes, by comparison, has sold more than 5 billion songs since it opened the iTunes Store in April, 2003. That makes eMusic one… Read More

  • T-Mobile Cameo digital frame now available – if anyone wants it that is

    In case you have been frothing at the mouth for T-Mobile’s network-connected digital picture frame, the Cameo is now available at select T-Mobile retail stores. The frame will run $99 with a $9.99 monthly plan for the unlimited messaging that is required. So if you want your family members to enjoy crystal clear digi-cam pictures, head down to your local T-Mobile store for the Cameo. Read More

  • Best Buy and Geek Squad figure out how to squeeze customers even more with Game System setup

    Just so everyone knows, Geek Squad is ready to take even more of your hard earned money by offering game system setup for you. The overpriced geeks will setup user accounts and set parental controls for the low, low price of $29. That’s for in store setup though and as always, Geek Squad is set to charge you an extraordinary amount for in-home setup just so lazy people don’t need… Read More

  • GotGame Releases Integrated Web Browser For Games; Watch Hulu As You Get 1337

    For all their mesmerizing graphics and adrenaline fueled gameplay, it might come as a surprise to non-gamers that many of today’s most popular computer games are bogged down by downtime (I should know – I spent the better part of 1999 mining virtual ore in Ultima Online to become a master blacksmith, and enjoyed about 10 minutes of it). MMOs like World of Warcraft see epic… Read More

  • Ship your iPod in style with Karl Lagerfeld's Bespoke Vuitton iPod Trunk

    Didja know that Louis Vuitton will make a custom trunk for about anything? Didja? A prime example is the trunk above made out of black Taiga leather, appropriate brass hardware, and a red microfiber interior that can hold 20 iPods, JBL speaker system and all the accouterments. Bespoke cases like this one made for Chanel mastermind, artsy-fartsy Karl Lagerfeld can cost tens of thousands of… Read More

  • Google's Mobile app uses secret proximity sensing system: Untruthiness!

    Senor Gruber has uncovered a trick inside Google’s Mobile app that uses an undocumented method to access the iPhones proximity sensor. In normal situations, the iPhone proximity sensor – the little thing in the top of the iPhone that knows when you have it up to your face – can be turned on or off. When it’s on and you place the phone up to your ear the screen stops… Read More

  • Italian boy diagnosed with ‘PlayStation addiction’

    An Italian boy has been diagnosed with “PlayStation addiction” following a marathon gaming session. The boy, 13, was rushed to a hospital where doctors thought he had suffered a stroke or some other serious condition. Nope, just played a little too much Mega Man! It gets better. After leaving the hospital, the boy told his father to throw away the PlayStation for fear of… Read More

  • U.S. military bans flash drives to prevent spread of worm

    The military, in an effort to stop the spread of a destructive worm, has banned the use of flash drives, CDs and other media by its personnel. The ban applies to computers connected two Department of Defense networks, the non-secure NIPRNet and the secure SIPRNet. The worm, Agent.biz, is spread by the use of flash drives and the like. Once a computer has been infected, the worm fetches code… Read More

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