• OpenDNS Makes $20k/day Filtering Phishing And Porn Sites

    OpenDNS, a San Francisco based startup founded by Minor Ventures and David Ulevitch, first launched in mid-2006 as a free tool to speed up web surfing and protect users from phishing and other malware sites. OpenDNS isn’t exactly a sexy service. Users have to do some basic configuration of their computer to get it going, and once it’s running they rarely see it again. Here’s… Read More

  • Video: Wanna see the hardest Super Mario levels ever?

    I swear to God, at 2:40 I tittered like a schoolgirl. Be sure to peruse YouTube for other such videos. via Nick McGlynn’s Tumblr Read More

  • The GigaPan robot takes great panoramas

    In addition to churning out iPhone haters, Carnegie Mellon University also produces some fine engineers. A group of researchers there has created GigaPan, a little robot thing that creates wonderful panoramas completely on its own with pretty much any standard digital camera. It first takes a number of little digital photos, then stitches them together like any other other desktop program would. Read More

  • StudiVZ Won't Comment On Facebook Lawsuit, But Will Talk Smack In General

    StudiVZ, the Facebook clone (and by clone, we mean exact duplicate) in Germany, says in an email that they still havn’t received the lawsuit complaint filed by Facebook on Friday. The lawsuit claims intellectual property infringement and accuses StudiVZ of running a “knock-off” of Facebook. StudiVZ says they “cannot comment in detail” about the lawsuit since… Read More

  • FCC reveals Velocity Mobile is not vaporware

    I was just thinking about Velocity Mobile this last week and was wondering when they might actually launch one of their Windows Mobile devices. We first saw them at CTIA in April, but haven’t heard a peep out of them until now. The 103 is now in the FCC database, which leads us to believe an official launch date may be announced in the coming weeks. I’m still a bit skeptical as to… Read More

  • Completely unexpected: More restrictions could jeopardize XM-Sirius merger

    Oh for the love of God, now what? Surely by now you’ve heard about the long-delayed (to put it mildly) XM-Sirius merger, which is really more of a Sirius buyout of XM, but let’s not nuance ourselves to death. So yeah, now it looks like the merger won’t be allowed to take place unless the combined company agrees to set aside 25 percent of its bandwidth for minority and… Read More

  • E3 2008: Borderlands trailer

    I may have been a little harsh on the Borderlands demo I was given at E3, but what do you expect when they show you Bioshock before hand? Anyway, here’s the trailer and it’s well put together, but most trailers are. We’ll be on the look out for gameplay footage and you can be the judge. Read More

  • Japan's Mixi: A Social Network As A Purely Local Phenomenon

    Japan’s biggest social network is called Mixi, launched in February 2004 by the company of the same name. Drawing in one in five web users in the country, Mixi now boasts over 15 million members. The site ranks sixth on Alexa Japan and racks up over 14 billion page views monthly. Google Trends for Websites shows the Japan-focused service attracts more visitors than Bebo on a worldwide… Read More

  • Mobile Edge offers a trio of "Checkpoint Friendly" laptop bags

    In response to the announcement made by the TSA earlier in the year that would allow travelers to keep their laptops in bags while going through security; a couple gear companies have put forth “Checkpoint Friendly” bags and that latest comes from Mobile Edge. The ScanFast collection meets the criteria laid out by the TSA and will be available late summer. No word on pricing. Read More

  • Eee PC 1000 Price drops to $549

    Asus’s Eee PC 1000 has only been available in the U.S. for a few days now and newegg.com has already dropped the price from $599 to $549. A quick Google shopping search shows a few other sites offering prices less than $599, but most still have the mini notebook listed at $699. Thanks Mobile Stylus, for the tip. Read More

  • Remote app doubles as Apple TV keyboard

    I’m without an Apple TV but John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame has stumbled upon a new facet of the Remote app that no one else seems to have realized before. Apple doesn’t seem to be touting this little factoid either, but you can use your iPhone/iPod Touch instead of the janky on-screen non-QWERTY keyboard as your Apple TV keyboard. Wowzers. What you’re typing is… Read More

  • Kevin Mitnick now has a book deal: Expect 1337 hack stories

    Before reading this, I suggest you watch the documentary Freedom Downtime, made by the folks at 2600. Go ahead, the whole thing is on Google Video. Kevin Mitnick has signed a book deal with Little, Brown and Company, giving him the opportunity to refute the outrageous claims made against him—really, he could start a nuclear war by whistling into a telephone?—while making a few… Read More

  • Should Nintendo do anything to help out the makers of the Weemote?

    Does Nintendo owe Fobis Technologies, maker of the Weemote, anything? Did it infringe upon the tiny Florida-based company’s trademark? Donna wants to know. Well, Time wants to know. The Weemote, which as we’ve mentioned here in the past, is a television remote control for kids that pre-dates the introduction of the Nintendo Wii by some six years. Now Fobis is complaining that… Read More

  • The new Batsuit in The Dark Knight has plenty of tech beneath it

    DarkKnightGear continues with a deep, almost philosophical look at the tech behind the new Batsuit that has Batfans-a-talking. (God, could I sound anymore like Variety?) Christopher Nolan, the film’s director, told the Los Angeles Times that it doesn’t make any sense for a superhero to be running around in a heavy, non-breathing latex that restricts one’s movements. This… Read More

  • Get thee to the Last HOPE today, its final day ever

    The Last HOPE is entering its final day today, and Gearfuse of all sites (!) is doing a genuinely passable job of covering it. That lanyard up there is the show’s entrance badge, the same one with built-in RFID that makes tracking attendees a cinch. If you’re anywhere near the Hotel Pennsylvania (34th Street & 7th Avenue in Manhattan), you really ought to attend. Read More

  • Pwnage 2.0 released: For iPhone 3G, you can only jailbreak

    Pwnage 2.0 is here! It was officially released a few hours ago, and the servers have been pounded ever since. As such, mirrors keep popping up on the Dev Team’s blog; be sure to check often if you’re keen to use the software. Note that for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, Pwnage 2.0 only jailbreaks—that is to say it doesn’t unlock Apple’s newest speedbumped phone… Read More

  • Lonely? Try fondling Augmented Reality Cyber Maid Alice

    Augmented reality (AR), the combination of virtual worlds and reality, is a cool concept that leads to useful applications in navigation systems, medicine, architecture and many other fields. Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. [JP] now found a way to help all single otaku overcome their problems in finding a real girl friend. Their alternative to heal loneliness 2.0 is called “Dennou… Read More

  • Startup Job Site Gets Backing From Y Combinator, Relauches As Startuply

    New Y Combinator startup Startuply launches today. It’s a free job listing service aimed squarely at small startups, which have a lot of trouble getting the attention of new engineering graduates over the noise of the brand recognition and recruiting efforts of larger companies like Google and Microsoft. Startuply is actually a fresh relaunch of Jowba, which originally launched in 2007. Read More

  • Tesla Motors Unveils Jaw-Dropping Menlo Park Showroom

    Tesla Motors, the automobile startup with backers that include Sergey Brin and Larry Page, held a party tonight to mark the launch of its Menlo Park storefront. The store, which is the company’s second, will be open to the general public beginning this Tuesday. Despite Tesla Motors’ well deserved reputation as a high-end car manufacturer, it is still very much a startup –… Read More

  • Magic Bus

    Note: If you think Twitter is a joke, or that Microsoft has no chance of being trusted with anything, or that Apple will fall to the surging citizen militia, or any other common wisdom of the Internets, please move along, I beg you. I thought I’d take a little more time to explore the reasons why I think Microsoft’s Live Mesh can emerge as the host platform for a large percentage… Read More

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