• AT&T pegs stars from "The Hills" for LG Shine commercial

    Celebrity endorsements have been the norm for ages, but AT&T has taken this too far. I guess I understand the demographic they’re going for for the LG Shine, but, come on, seriously, a blond dimwit from Laguna Beach and her dumb boyfriend from an MTV show? The dbag did find a fun way to use that mirrored finish, though. via GeekSugar Read More

  • John Adams' New Job: Fix Twitter

    http://qik.com/player.swf?streamname=0155e657a1494c409c26bb0790d7f641&vid=112155&playback=false&polling=false&user=stevegillmor&userlock=true&islive=&username=anonymous John Adams, Twitter’s new Ops Engineer (and apparently a descendant of the guy from the HBO series), said in a Twitter message today (where else) that he’ll soon be working to… Read More

  • New Home Page Unveiled At Yahoo AU

    Jerry and Sue are still silent on the exec departures and rumored reorganization at Yahoo HQ, even as the stock price continues to tumble day after day. On the upside, though, from what we hear testing on the new logo is going well, and Yahoo Australia unveiled a new beta home page earlier today. Take the tour here. I actually like it. Read More

  • 1.5 Million Users at Australian Schools Drop Exchange for Gmail

    The Australian is reporting that Google has beaten out a number of enterprise competitors to win a contract to host email for the New South Wales Education Department. The new deployment will be the largest Gmail custom setup in the world, and will be co-managed by Google and Telco provider Telstra. The contract win is another strong signal that Google are making strong inroads into the… Read More

  • Daewoo launches its own Classmate PC named Lukid

    It seems that Korean supercompany Daewoo is launching a low-cost laptop named the Lukid. The new laptop is aimed at kids going to school. The little laptop is based on Intel’s Classmate PC, which means it’s powered by a Intel 900MHz Celeron processor with Windows XP installed. The Lukid also features a 9-inch LCD display with a resolution of 800 x 480, 512MB of memory, a… Read More

  • Microsoft's First Step In Accepting OpenID SignOns – HealthVault

    Over 16 months after first declaring its support for the OpenID authentication platform, Microsoft has finally implemented it for the first time, allowing for OpenID logins on its Health Vault medical site. Unfortunately, Health Vault will only support authentication from two OpenID providers: Trustbearer and Verisign. Whatever happened to the Open in OpenID? The rationale behind the… Read More

  • Palm Treo 800w set to release on July 13th

    According to Phone Arena, Sprint will announce that the Palm Treo 800w will be released July 13th, 2008. The Treo 800w, if you don’t remember, is the successor to the 700w. An integrated antenna is the biggest change in the form-factor. The phone will also feature a 320×320 touch display, Wi-Fi, GPS and will, unfortunately, have Windows Mobile 6.1 as its OS. Also worth noting is… Read More

  • 1.5 Million Australian Students Dump Outlook/Exchange For Gmail

    Google just took away one of the world’s largest Outlook/Exchange installations for 1.5 million students at Australian schools, and replaced it with Gmail. More information is here. The cost savings are substantial. The Outlook/Exchange platform involved a AU$33 million contract and took four years to go live, although it’s unclear why it took so long. The Gmail/Google Apps… Read More

  • EFiX dongle allows for easy installation of OS X on your Intel PC

    At least, so they say. Of course, I was skeptical of Psystar and their thing worked like a charm. The EFiX site is dying right now from traffic, but today was the planned release for the EFiX USB dongle, which supposedly allows you to install OS X on your Intel-based PC with no muss, no fuss, and no BIOS flashing. You just plug the thing in and go like hell. The site’s been updated… Read More

  • AT&T says the Samsung Omnia i900 will be out in the US in Q3

    It’s been reported that the highly anticipated Omnia i900 will be out in the third quarter of 2008. You might remember this phone as being the one announced on June 9th — you know, the day that other phone was coming out. MobileCrunch got their hands on it last week and it looks pretty nice. The Omnia will run on Windows Mobile 6.1 and feature a 5 megapixel camera, 3.2″ WQVGA… Read More

  • Palm announces unlocked Centro, Google Maps with My Location

    By now you’re all familiar with the Palm Centro, so I’ll save all of you from having to read through a list of specs again. Today, Palm announced that an unlocked GSM version of the dainty smartphone is available on the Palm site for $299. Available for free beginning tomorrow for Palm Centro owners is Google Maps for mobile with My Location, which basically approximates your… Read More

  • "Dark Project" device "Alexander" pegged as Motorola's last stand

    BGR, like he usually does, has word from Motorola insiders that a new flagship model is coming and that it will make or break the mobile division. Didn’t that already happen? “Alexander” as it’s being codenamed comes equipped with an 8-megapixel camera, GPS and few other goodies. Look for it to hit the streets in October. All other purported specs after the jump. Read More

  • T-Mobile to implement new early termination policy

    T-Mobile will be joining the various other wireless providers in providing prorated early termination fees. I use the term “prorated” loosely, as you won’t actually save any money until you’ve been a customer for a year and a half. At 180 days from the end of your contract, though, your early termination fee will drop from $200 to $100 and at 90 days, the fee will drop… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang 06.23.08

    A conversation with Dan Farber of Cnet about this mornings Salesforce event and new Google integration. Posts from Dan on Salesforce + Google are here and here. Listen to the podcast over at the Gillmor Gang site >> Read More

  • If You're Going To The Angelina Jolie Wanted Screening, Get Your Butt Over There

    Wanted Exclusive Trailer HD
    http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer.swf If you were one of the quick ones and got a ticket to the Angelina Jolie/Wanted screening tonight in San Francisco, drop everything and get on over there, ’cause it starts at 7:30 (the team will start handing out tickets at around 6:30). My guess is most of the people on the wait list will get in as well, but my… Read More

  • Live Luggage makes bags for over-packers

    If you are a lazy traveler or someone who packs everything but the kitchen sink, you are in luck. Live Luggage has created Power Assisted (PA) Luggage. It uses a little motor in the wheels to give it a little extra torque. Another added feature is something they call an Anti-Gravity handle that distributes most of the weight over the powered wheels. When pressure is applied on the handle… Read More

  • Review: JVC Everio GZ-MS100 with YouTube Upload

    The JVC Everio GZ-MS100 camcorder records DVD-quality video to SD and SDHC cards and features direct uploading to YouTube. It’s priced at around $350, which places it in between lower-end hobbyist camcorders and higher-capacity hard drive camcorders. Read More

  • Not-so-secret NASA satellite launched to scan the oceans deep

    There’s a real ruckus about photographer Trevor Paglen’s project to document all those secret satellites. It makes you forget sometimes that there are plenty of legitimate, non-spy satellites up there doing lots of good work. For instance, NASA has just successfully launched the Jason-2 satellite, which will be set up to monitor ocean currents, weather patterns, and all that… Read More

  • Begging the question in the "Are gadgets making us dumber?" debate

    This issue of whether technology enriches or impoverishes our intellectual capacity is by no means a simple one, and while my position is pretty much fixed, it’s good to read others’ opinions on the subject, whether in agreement or not with myself. This little post at TechDirt summarizes the side of the debate I’m on pretty well, and has some links to other, more… Read More

  • Centrif Tries To Mix Bookmarking With Ask.com

    There are few things more satisfying than asking a search engine a question and immediately getting an answer. No weeding through Wikipedia entries. No sifting through spammy links. Just give me what I want to know. For years sites like Ask.com and Google have offered this feature, but only for purely factual information – things like “What is the longest river on Earth?”. Read More

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