• World's first THX certified door announced today

    This is first residential home theater dubbed Ambleside and it’s located in Hillsborough, CA. This is the type of setup that’s perfect for Serious Materials door. Ambleside is also rigged with QuietRock material from SM. Attention serious home theater buffs: The door of your dreams has finally arrived. Today, Serious Materials announced the world’s first THX certified… Read More

  • IFA 2008: Moving Beyond The Mouse

    http://www.viddler.com/player/d3527997/ Several companies — large and small — were demonstrating alternative input technologies at IFA today. Most, like the Pong video above, were exploring how to use motion tracking to control various on-screen elements. More video after the jump. Read More

  • Blackjack II officially gets upped to Windows Mobile 6.1

    While the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the Blackjack II first peeked its head up a few days ago, the download links didn’t actually, you know, work. That’s all fixed now, fortunately. If you’re rockin’ a Blackjack II and have been itchin’ to get it up on 6.1, head over here. Read More

  • Pelican's 6-pack laptop case for bulletproof blogging

    Picture this, if you will: CES, 2009. All the gadget people are gearing up for the big rush onto the show floor when the CrunchGear posse rolls up in black Navigators. As we walk towards the terrified lesser bloggers in slow motion, the strapping and dangerous John Biggs swings out a single enormous case, marked “Pelican.” Brandishing it like a scimitar, he flourishes and lays it… Read More

  • Cliff Bleszinski says GoW2 is "85/90%" done, "batshit insane"

    This certainly doesn’t come as a surprise, but Cliffy B. told Xbox World 360 in their upcoming issue that Gears of War 2 is: “We’re basically at the 85/90% polish stage right now, doing some last minute optimisations. “I boot the game up every morning and go through campaign mode, making sure it’s all stitched together and batshit insane.” GoW2 will have… Read More

  • Ustream's Republican National Convention Coverage Embedded Into Google News

    Ustream is broadcasting the Republican National Convention live (as I type) and Google has embedded its coverage into the Elections section of Google News. Why is this news? Because apparently this is the first time Google has embedded a non-Google service into one of its core pages. At least, that’s what Ustream is telling us and we have no evidence with which to disagree. You can watch… Read More

  • WB pushing out Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray I Am Legend in December, still going to suck

    All I have to say about this movie is that it sucked. The book was way better and wtf was up with the butterfly references? Was there some crossover from Ashton Kutcher’s craptacular movie I wasn’t aware of? Oh, it comes out on Blu-ray December 9 for $60 and includes two versions of the film, which means an alternate ending that’s supposedly “controversial” and… Read More

  • Wake-up Light simulates rising sun to wake you up gently

    If you don’t like the idea of shooting your alarm clock, the new version of the Philips Wake-up Light might be for you. Like any other alarm clock, you set the time at which you want to be woken up. 30 minutes before that time arrives, however, the Wake-up Light starts to gently glow. As the minutes pass, the light gets brighter, simulating the rising sun, so that when the designated… Read More

  • Back to School: Some games you might not want to pick up

    Original Photo Credit: Striatic on Flickr “You’ve got a lot of studying to do, young man/lady. If you keep playing that damn Nintendo I’m going to throw it out the window!” Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. Ever since the birth of home game consoles, academic performance has suffered (at least if you ask Mom). Back in the day, it was Metroid keeping me from finishing… Read More

  • GetClicky Analytics Service Tracking 2% Google Chrome Usage

    Web analytics startup GetClicky says that almost 2% of all internet traffic to the 45,000 websites they monitor is coming from Google Chrome today. That’s sure to dip down as a lot of people go back to their normal browsers, and their client base is certainly not statistically relevant to the Internet as a whole. But if the experience these people are having with Chrome is anything like… Read More

  • AMD vs NVIDIA: the eternal struggle extends to the budget level

    The video card scene right now is like watching a boxing match. AMD dealt NVIDIA a solid shot to the face with the 4870 and 4850, causing NVIDIA to lower their prices in an evasive maneuver. NVIDIA has responded by throwing cards at the budget segment under $75. AMD of course disparaged this move, saying it was “quick and dirty,” and said something I feel is insightful: “If… Read More

  • DIY toy train rails: It's probably worth a try

    If you have kids or have seen kids, you’ll know kids like them some toy train rails. Three companies are selling bits specifically designed to create tracks that are compatible with Thomas the Tank Engine sets. The original tracks and toys are amazingly and disgustingly expensive but obviously building your own could cost you more in heartache and pain than going to… Read More

  • AT&T grabs the Samsung a237

    While Samsung’s a237 may not be the most exciting or feature-packed handset they’ve ever released, it’s easy on the eyes and likely to be dirt cheap, so you’ll be seeing it around. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see it in the hands of some cute girl at the bar. Girls love guys who can name phones by their model number. Besides bringing some brightly colored curves to… Read More

  • HD Radio finds its way into high-end AV receivers

    We just got word that HD Radio is finding some friends at the CEDIA Expo. The hybrid-digital format hasn’t exactly been a smash hit, so hopefully the format’s new buddies will provide a boost in confidence. So far the high-end Interga’s DHC 9.9. DTR 8.9, and DTR9.9, along with the McIntosh TM2 and Yamaha RX-V1900, RX-V3900, RX-Z7 models are going to have the HD Radio module. Read More

  • I want my 3D TV!

    At IFA today many companies are showing off their attempts at 3D TV. Most of the displays being shown are not yet designed for home use, and instead are being positioned as business applications: in-store signage and advertising, architecture and CAD displays, and prototype user interfaces. Most of the televisions require no glasses, and produce a reasonable 3D display. In the displays… Read More

  • Samsung accepts Nokia's offer for Symbian buyout

    In preparation for taking Symbian open-source and royalty free for Symbian Foundation partners, Nokia has spent the last few months buying out all of the other shareholders. As of this morning, the job is done; Nokia has announced that the last shareholder involved, Samsung, has accepted their offer. The cumulative total for all of the buyouts will set Nokia back around $410 million. Read More

  • Greenseng: A Green Search Engine That Actually Conserves Energy

    We’ve seen a few sites attempt to help turn the web green, but most of them have been little more than gimmicks. Blackle purports to conserve energy by offering a “black” version of Google, which it says uses less energy than the engine’s standard white. But Google has gone on to say that black may actually increase the amount of energy consumed by visitors (of… Read More

  • Nyko officially launches Nintendo Wii Classic Controller alternative, Wing

    IGN had the scoop last week on the Wing from Nyko and today it was officially announced to the public. The Wing will land in stores next month for $30. If you’re pining over it now and simply can’t wait then download the papercraft (PDF) and make one yourself today! Read More

  • Johnny Depp confirms that he's not the Riddler, Guy Pearce says he's interested

    That’s not to say he won’t be cast in the role, but here’s to hoping they haven’t locked him down, which means David Tennant still has a chance and Guy Pearce as the Riddler seems interesting. Host: Hey Johnny, a listener called in earlier said you have to ask about the rumors on the internet of you doing the Riddler.
    Depp: Oh yeah I heard about that. Not that I know of.
    Read More

  • Google Chrome: It’s really, really fast

    Just fired up Google Chrome, Google’s new web browser. I haven’t had a chance to really dig into it yet, but I’ve noticed that it feels really, really fast. Almost like I’m loading up cached pages offline. Google Reader, especially, feels super quick. I’ve noticed a couple of little CSS oddities here and there (YouTube videos are centered in our posts when… Read More

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