• Ning Gets A Star Studded Boost From The Collective

    Over the last few months celebrities have become something of a currency on the social web as services vie to attract big-name stars (and gather the resulting media coverage and new users in the process). Twitter has garnered the most attention for its roster, which includes celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Oprah. Facebook too has been making strides in this area, especially since… Read More

  • Apple reacts to Laptop Hunters using elimination

    Okay so a PC is slow or has a small screen or has viruses causing you headaches. Apple’s response to the Laptop Hunters is just a little smarter than Microsoft’s ads. Or not at all. What’s more interesting is this other ad about customer care. Go check them out. Read More

  • Blah Girls Jumps From The Web To TV, As Kutcher Does The Opposite

    Ashton Kutcher got his start on the small screen. His roles in That 70s Show and development of the MTV show Punk’d (which is being kind of reborn with Ustream) allowed him to become a movie star. But these days he seems more interested in using the web to further his career. His recent race with CNN to be the first user with a million Twitter followers was just one facet of what… Read More

  • iLike Launches Custom iPhone Apps, Syndication Platform To Help Artists Connect With Fans

    iLike, the popular music discovery site with a huge presence on social networks, is launching a set of new syndication services for musicians. Beginning tonight, iLike now offers extensive integration with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, allowing artists to distribute content to each of their online presences from a single control panel. In addition to these, the company is also… Read More

  • Interesting bug with the Das Keyboard

    We reviewed the Das Keyboard during our keyboard roundup back in the day, and I don’t think I ran into this problem. Blogger Barney has found that when keys are pressed in rapid succession on his Das Keyboard, the letters always show up on the screen as if he’d pressed the leftmost keys first, then the ones on the right. He even made a special little tool to test and show this, as… Read More

  • IDC Reports AMD Gains Market Share On Rival Intel

    We recently reported of Advanced Micro Devices’s (AMD) uphill battle to challenge rival Intel’s dominance in the micro-processor market. According to the technology market research firm IDC, AMD could be catching up to Intel sooner than everyone thought. The IDC released a report today that indicated that AMD may be gaining ground in the fight to surpass Intel. In the first quarter… Read More

  • MySpace Wants To Avoid This Whole Holocaust Denial Thing

    Lots of heat is being put on Facebook over Holocaust denial, ranging from blogs to CNN to pissed off moms who still can’t post pictures of their breasts on their Facebook pages. Facebook is standing firm in their defense of the deniers. Meanwhile, MySpace is just hoping no one looks their way. In an email to MySpace forum moderators today, MySpace asked moderators to “keep an eye… Read More

  • Google Sky Map: portable astronomy on your G1

    The newest Android app from the Google team is looking pretty awesome, and if it works like it says it does, then I’m going to be having some fun times this weekend out in the country. Google Sky Map is basically a reality augmentation app that lets you use your Android phone as a sort of virtual lens for checking out constellations, planets, and other stuff out there. It’s made… Read More

  • Chop foppishly with a fabulous designer axe

    If your vanity gets the best of you when you’re chopping wood, maybe you ought to think about investing in more… modern hardware. These designer axes are super expensive, but no one will ever question your chopping ability or fashion sense. Read More

  • Twitter Decides We're Not Smart Enough For @Replies, Changes Them Again

    Twitter is officially getting dumbed down. For the second time in less than two months, Twitter has changed its @reply system, this time by removing an option that has existed for many months in an effort to appease confused newcomers. The basic premise behind the @reply system is that it allows you to create a semi-public conversation with another Twitter user. To prevent you from having… Read More

  • Video: A pink Cessnazuki and a very rusty 4-legged mech

    This British junkyard engineers (by the name of Transmutant) are the local version of what’s found all over the world: smart but slightly crazy guys who take a totally random idea and just go with it. This is where girlfriend-attacking nerf tanks and enormous beetlebots come from. These fellows in particular have mated a small plane to a Suzuki to make a sort of pink…Cessnazuki… Read More

  • Review: HP Pavilion dv2 ultrathin notebook

    When HP and AMD pitched the idea of a laptop with price and capabilities between those of netbooks and regular notebooks, I was intrigued. Although many have been seduced by the netbook’s siren song, I’ve always been put off by their micro keyboards and tiny, low-res screens. Yet do I really need to lug my MacBook Pro everywhere I go when I’m just planning on editing a… Read More

  • Alpha-680 Android netbook seen in the wild

    Finally, a glimpse of the upcoming (Q3 probably) Android based Alpha-680. As one of the first Android-based machines to hit the market, it’s generating quite a bit of buzz. I certainly hope it lives up to the hype that’s coming out about it. Read More

  • To dip where no man has dipped before

    T-minus 30 seconds… 20 seconds… 10 seconds… 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. We have nachos. Read More

  • Google Takes Steps Towards A More Structured Web

    Earlier today Google announced that it was going to begin limited support of RDFa, a framework that allows web developers to incorporate structured metadata into their sites. To most people, this probably doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but it’s an important step that may indicate that the search giant is going to embrace structured data on the web – something that it… Read More

  • Real-Time Search-Off

    Today saw the launch of two new real-time search engines, from OneRiot and Tweetmeme. While the two are slightly different in ways that I went into earlier, all that really matters are the results you get. So I put those two to the test along with Twitter Search, Google Search, FriendFeed and the recently launched Scoopler. To see which would give the best results based on a current event. One… Read More

  • JVC introduces 8K projector

    Because of the growing number of consumer-level cameras with 100-megapixel sensors and camcorders shooting at 4240p, JVC has come out with a new 8K (that’s 8000 horizontal pixels) projector with 10,000 lumens of brightness and a 5500:1 contrast ratio. Finally, an ultra-high-def projector the whole family can enjoy! Read More

  • Akai launches APC40 website

    It’s been a while since Akai introduced the APC40, a controller for Ableton Live. In 17 days the APC40 will be available worldwide. If you head over to APC40.com you can see the remaining time until the controller is released. You can check out in person how the APC40 performs with Live 8 on one of the workshops of Akai and Ableton. There are some dates for Europe too. Read More

  • Gresso "Lady Gold" and "Ultramarine Gold" limited edition phones

    Design house Gresso recently announced the latest additions to their product lines, the “Lady Gold” and “Ultramarine Gold”. Both phones are built into a titanium case, covered with colored ceramic, and then accented with 18k gold. Inspired by wrist watch design, Gresso has also put a sapphire crystal window into the back of the phone, so you can see the circuit… Read More

  • Kanye West Is Mad As Hell At Twitter — And He's Not Going To Take This Anymore!

    Celebrities love Twitter, right? Just look around, Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon, P Diddy — they won’t shut up on it or about it. But not every celebrity loves it. Take hip hop artist Kanye West, for example. Apparently mad about people pretending to be him on Twitter, he went on a Peter Finch-style rant today on his blog about the service. He specifically calls out the “heads… Read More

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