• Brando brings A2DP stereo Bluetooth functionality to the iPhone/iPod

    For $62 you can now stream music from your iPhone/iPod to your A2DP enabled headphones. Hmm. Me thinks you should save that money and put it towards a high quality set of over-the-ears or in-ear buds. Read More

  • Tweetmeme takes another bite at ranking Twitter links

    TweetMeme he spin-off site from the Favorit guys, has sputtered back into life since Twitter sorted out its search problems by buying Summize. The move means that third-party aggregregators like Tweetmeme, which acts like a TechMeme for Twitter, should have a new lease of life. Certainly checking in today reveals a much improved service – indicating just how many people are… Read More

  • Samsung updates BlackJack II with shades of pink and blue for AT&T

    Starting today you can pick up a Romantic Pink or Ocean Blue BlackJack II with a white face from AT&T. They’re both priced at $100. Read More

  • MySpace To Join OpenID, Bringing Total Enabled Accounts to Over A Half Billion

    MySpace will announce support for the OpenID single sign-on framework sometime this week, we’ve heard from multiple sources. This will be the second largest implementation ever and will bring the total number of OpenID-enabled accounts to over half a billion. MySpace’s 200 million user IDs join Yahoo’s 250 million or so accounts, plus accounts from a number of other large… Read More

  • Oyster card hack will be published

    The process to copy the Oyster smartcards used by transit systems in London and other cities can be published, said a Dutch court. The card was hacked by a team at Radboud University, Nijmegen. The hack revolves around the MiFare chip found in the smartcard. The researchers were prevented from publishing but, as Bruce Schneier, security expert, notes: “As bad as the damage is from… Read More

  • Top apps on the iPhone – an unscientific survey

    Right now I have 2,245 people following me personally on Twitter, which is a useful number to do quick, crowd-sourced questions. So today I put it to good use by asking which applications my Twitter friends like most on the new iPhone/iPod Touch version 2.0 – or at least any iPhone than now runs the App Store. Obviously the list is not representative of the general population –… Read More

  • iOpenTech's "open" desktops: It's on

    With Psystar getting the beatdown from Apple, iOpenTech thinks it’s going to sneak in around the corner and offer an open platform that runs any OS, including OS X. Listen: installing OS X on a PC is trivial. There are plenty of videos and tutorials describing the process and what Psystar did, to its credit, was make it even more trivial for folks who didn’t want to do the job… Read More

  • Sony believes the Playstation3 will ultimately outsell the PS2

    Is Kazu Hirai, CEO of Sony’s Computer Entertainment division just bullish on the future performance of his own products or is a recent statement of his a case of wishful thinking? Interviewed by the Financial Times, Hirai said his vision for the PS3 is to outperform the PS2 sales-wise by 2015. So far, the PS2 (released in 2000) has been sold over 140 million times world wide. The… Read More

  • iPhone is extra-loud to avoid upskirts

    Let’s look at a line from this CultofMac post: In Japan, upskirt and downblouse shots have become increasingly popular with the advent of high-resolution camera phones. Let’s look at that again: In Japan, upskirt and downblouse shots have become increasingly popular with the advent of high-resolution camera phones. Now while this story is ostensibly about the iPhone’s… Read More

  • 728 Newspapers join AP Mobile News Network

    The Associated Press (AP) announced today that 728 AP newspapers have joined its Mobile News Network. The service was first launched in May of this year, and the additions account for a 580% jump in media participation. If you want to be a well informed citizen of the world on-the-go, AP Mobile News Network is a must. This application will give you breaking news, sports, entertainment… Read More

  • You've already played Portal: Still Alive

    Flickr’d During Microsoft’s laser light show at E3 last week, the title Portal: Still Alive flashed across the screen, angering certain segments of PC gamers. “An sequel to our game, available only on the Xbox 360? Outrageous!” Only it’s not. The game, which will be released on Xbox Live Arcade, is only an amalgam of previously released material, fan-made or… Read More

  • CATCH 21 from Cellufun

    The Game Show Network (GSN) and Cellufun have partnered to bring you the game CATCH 21 to your mobile phone. CATCH 21 is a game that blends brain teasing pop culture trivia with the strategy of the card game 21. To do well, you must be a master of both. Like other Cellufun games, CATCH 21 is free. GSN is promoting its game show through the Web and on mobile devices. The online version of CATCH… Read More

  • Hitachi's new humanoid robot distinguishes voices

    Hitachi showcased the latest version of EMIEW2, their two-wheeled robot, at the Hitachi uValue Convention 2008 [JP], the company’s annual private exhibition. EMIEW2’s biggest selling point is an array of 14 microphones integrated into its head. The robot is able to tell the difference between three human voices simultaneously. Hitachi developed a voice recognition technology that… Read More

  • Icahn Backs Down From Yahoo Proxy Fight In Return For Three Yahoo Board Seats

    Carl Icahn and Yahoo have come to a settlement over control of Yahoo’s board. In return for three board seats, Icahn has agreed to withdraw his alternative slate of nominees and back down from a full-fledged proxy war. Icahn will be given a seat on the board, existing board member Robert Kotick (CEO of Activision) will step down, and the board will be expanded to 11 members from the… Read More

  • Minted Launches Competitive Stationery Store

    Mariam Naficy, co-founder of failed beauty startup Eve.com (which went belly up when the bubble burst in 2000), has launched her latest venture: Minted, an online stationery store with a competitive marketplace reminiscent of the one found on custom t-shirt store Threadless. The site offers graphic designers a community to showcase and (hopefully) sell their designs, which are voted on by… Read More

  • Netbook margins so low, some PC makers not even going to bother

    Flickr’d All these small form factor laptops? Turns out they’re not too great for the companies making them. Companies like Asus with its EeePC and Acer with its Everex (and Dell’s future netbook) are now finding out just how little they actually make by selling the small laptops. Margins are so thin on these devices that other traditional PC maunfacturers have decided to… Read More

  • Jimmy Fallon, next host of Late Night, will cut his teeth on The Internet

    Fans of late night talk shows—college students and people with babies who wake up 87 times during the night—know that Conan is scheduled to take over the Tonight Show in the autumn, and that Jimmy Fallon will take over Late Night at the same time. But did you know that NBC will use THE INTERNET to give Fallon a chance to test out his material? Yup, Lorne Michaels, producer of… Read More

  • Stop doing whatever you're doing, because Facebook is getting a new design today

    It’s been about a month since we last teased Facebook and the like, so we’re about due for a post. Many of you who log into your Facebook accounts today will be greeted with a band new user interface, one that Arrington points out looks a lot like Friendfeed, the social news aggregator created by a couple of ex-Google guys. (Credit crunch, saber-rattling, high gas prices…)… Read More

  • Qik goes into public beta

    Qik, the video streaming device for cellphones that we’ve used to different degrees of success, is now in open public beta. Well, whenever the site comes back up, that is. In addition to opening up its doors to the public, the beta adds a few new features that are sure to frustrate us the next time we try to use it (I kid). There’s a new embeddable player, better support for… Read More

  • LivingSocial Gets $5 Million From Grotech Ventures and Steve Case To Create Social Apps

    LivingSocial, a company that started out as a Facebook developer and is now creating social app across many social networks, raised $5 million in a series A financing that was led by Grotech Ventures. Steve Case also personally invested. (LivingSocial’s CEO and co-founder, Tim O’Shaughnessy, is a former AOLer who also worked for Case at Revolution Health). The startup specializes… Read More

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