Layoffs, Reshuffle at OneRiot

Social search site OneRiot just announced layoffs and staff restructuring on its company blog, in a post entitled “Welcome to the future, it’s coming fast.”

Now, being agile also necessitates making some tough decisions too, if they are the right thing for the company right now. Unfortunately, today, we have had to let a handful of well respected colleagues go. This is a pragmatic decision based on a strategically focused go-forward plan for the company. It’s in no way a reflection of the talent of the people concerned.

While OneRiot’s post does not reveal how many employees or what percentage of staff was cut, it does announce the following executive changes: CEO and Tesla board Director Kimbal Musk will now take on the role of company Chairman and Tobias Peggs, formerly President in charge of Strategy, Sales, Distribution and Marketing, will replace him as CEO. Co-founder Robert Reich will be leaving the company.

OneRiot’s search results are ranked to reflect the realtime social conversations around any piece of content. The company recently tapped both in to the Google Buzz firehose and Facebook’s Open Graph API.