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Mistral AI releases new model to rival GPT-4 and its own chat assistant

Paris-based AI startup Mistral AI is gradually building an alternative to OpenAI and Anthropic as its latest announcement shows. The company is launching a new flagship large language model called Mis

OnePlus’ Watch 2 gets 100 hours of battery thanks to a pair of chips and Wear OS tweaks

OnePlus’ first smartwatch was a lot of things. Unfortunately, particularly good or memorable weren’t among them. If you’re going to enter a category as established as the smartwatch, you’re go

Why OnePlus waited three years to release a new smartwatch

OnePlus’ second smartwatch captured media interest this week, courtesy of its stated 100 hours of battery life. The device utilizes a clever dual-chip system, seamlessly switching from the Snapdrago

This is Xiaomi’s first electric car, the SU7

Xiaomi is having a good MWC. The Chinese tech firm’s booth has been packed since show doors opened this morning. It’s a stark contrast to neighboring Samsung, whose sparsely populated booth reflec

Vijay Shekhar Sharma steps down from Paytm Payments Bank board

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder and majority owner of Paytm Payments Bank, has stepped down from the board of the troubled unit days after the Indian regulator signalled continuity at the financial firm

KKR to acquire VMware’s end user computing biz from Broadcom for $4B

We’ve already started to see big M&A, as in multi-billion deals, finally pick up this year after a slow period last year. Today, KKR added to that growing total when it announced it was going to

Darwin AI gives small LatAm companies AI-powered sales assistant

Darwin AI’s system that connects with a company’s customer relationship management tool and evaluates possible sales leads and escalates the ones, most likely to buy, to a human salesperson.

FlowGPT is the wild west of GenAI apps

A few months ago, OpenAI launched the GPT Store, a marketplace where people can create and list AI-powered chatbots customized to perform a number of tasks (e.g. coding, answering trivia questions and

Meet BeScene, a Tinder-style networking app for the film industry

Networking app BeScene launches today to bring filmmakers and other creatives (actors/actresses, animators, cinematographers, costume designers, directors, editors, producers, production assistants, s

LoanDepot says about 17 million customers had personal data and Social Security numbers stolen during cyberattack

Almost 17 million LoanDepot customers had sensitive personal information, including Social Security numbers, stolen in a January ransomware attack, the company has confirmed. The loan and mortgage gia

Xiaomi’s latest robot dog does backflips off skateboards, costs $3,000

When it was first unveiled in the summer of 2021, Xiaomi’s CyberDog designed was best described as a more nightmarish version of Boston Dynamics’ Spot. I had to comb through dozens of versions of

Ingrediome believes it can solve the lab grown protein taste problem

The co-founders of Israeli food tech startup Ingrediome, an alum of SOSV’s Indie Bio program, say they are inventing better tasting lab-grown protein that's up to 10 times less expensive to produce.

Interview Kickstart, a profitable startup, raises maiden funding to tackle tech talent crunch

Interview Kickstart, a profitable startup helping tech professionals acquire career-advancing skills, has raised $10 million in its maiden funding from Blume Ventures, the companies said on Monday. Th

Lenovo’s laptop concept is fully transparent, but the point isn’t entirely clear

Something I’ve always admired about Lenovo is the way the Chinese tech giant really lets its freak flag fly. In fact, visiting the company’s booth nestled in the way, way back of Hall 3 has long b

Google brings AI to Google Messages, Android Auto, Wear OS and more

Google’s Gemini implementation for AI image generation is facing a lot of criticism. But that isn’t stopping the search and mobile giant from riding the AI wave and rolling it out to more

Truecaller brings call recording and transcription to India

Caller identity company Truecaller has launched its call recording and transcription for paid users in India, the company’s biggest market. The recording feature will be available to premium use

Stellantis CEO dishes on Waymo, Rivian cuts staff and the great EV softening continues

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These desktop lamps beam near-infrared light, in a bid to improve your mood

As humans spend increasing amounts of time indoors, we lose access to the sun’s natural benefits. Recognition of season affective disorder has grown accordingly. While the actual occurrence of the c

Heck, might as well put the back of your phone to work

The back of your phone is useless. There. I said it. Sure, the cameras are back that, but what about all of that blank real estate monopolizing 90% of the surface area? Honestly, it needs to start car

Europe remains hard to crack for North American GPs

While North American VCs can see the potential value in backing European startups, it hasn't been easy for firms to launch strategies.
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