Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer may have just tweeted his password

In a bold strategic shift, White House Press Secretary Sean “Alternative Facts” Spicer appears to have tweeted something true from his account this morning. Unfortunately for him, it might have been his password.

This morning, Twitter noticed that Spicer tweeted and quickly deleted a string of nonsense that looks considerably more like a password than it does a pocket tweet.


A few screenshots floating around indicate that Spicer also tweeted a bit of nonsense yesterday too, though that tweet does look more like a classic pocket/butt tweet (it happens). Given the alternating letters and numbers, today’s incident looks a lot more like a weak randomly generated password. Because seriously, if you’re going to go to all the trouble of not choosing your pet’s name, you might as well toss in some special characters and alternating caps.

Unfortunately for Spicer, if the tweet was in fact his password, hackers are likely busy at work cross-checking it with every other account imaginable. Between this sort of thing and Trump’s emotional dependence on his trusty old unsecured Android device, the new administration may have some major security concerns as it moves out of its first week in the White House.

As a few people have pointed out, another explanation is that Spicer might have been using Cloudhopper, the SMS service Twitter acquired back in 2010. We’ve reached out to Twitter for insight on how this one might have gone down.

But before we jump to conclusions, let’s consider one more possibility: cats.

The keyboard cat theory is compelling, but maybe Spicer is just having a long week and letting off a little steam. It’s cool, sometimes we feel n9y25ah7 too. Did you know that it’s only Thursday? It’s only Thursday!