The Immotor Go folding scooter features smartphone controls and swappable batteries

It’s clearly been a tumultuous couple of years for battery makers, now that simply not exploding is considered a feature – but between the armies of hoverboards and some notable smartphone examples, well, it’s certainly worth a mention.

Even beyond that, the battery is all around one of the bigger selling points for the Immotor Go scooter – due in no small part to the fact that the company was founded by former Mophie CEO Daniel Huang and a former XPal Power exec. Among the other claims for the “Super Battery” is that it won’t explode when punctured and that the scooter is safe enough to take as a plane carry on (which, of course, is more up to the airlines and FAA than anyone).


The company plans to roll out the technology for a number of other devices, but for now, the scooter is the focus. Aside from the battery tech, the little vehicle boasts some interesting features, including GPS tracking, a cruise control feature and autonomous following.

It can also leverage the rider’s smartphone to control headlights, the horn and music playback via an on-board speaker. It will also let users capture video as they cruise along at top speeds of up to 19 miles an hour. The system weighs about 32 pounds with both batteries on board and has a range of up to 20 miles.


Immotor will be taking preorders for Go and the higher-end (and action cam-sounding) Go Sport Pro via crowdfunding campaigns.

via Engadget