Task-Tracking Service iDoneThis Wants You To Know How Awesome You Are

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and sometimes you’ll bust your tail without so much as a “well done!” to show for it. Deep down though, who doesn’t want a little bit of ego-stroking every once in a while?

That’s exactly what prompted the folks at iDoneThis to team up with AwesomenessReminders — with the new partnership in place, they’re spicing up their task-tracking service by giving their users a heaping dose of self-esteem.

For the uninitiated, iDoneThis (whom TechCrunch spotted at AngelPad’s third demo day last year) runs with a simple concept — at the end of every workday, users are sent a reminder email asking them to list what they’ve actually done that day. Once that response has been sent, the results are collected and displayed in digest form to all members of the team for their perusal the following day.

That by itself seems pretty useful — it provides a level of transparency to a situation where the results of a user’s hard work may not always be immediately visible, and with a minimum of micromanagement. Other users also have the ability to like and leave comments on each others’ lists of accomplishments, which normally just means a good day’s work will net you a “Nice job!” or two.

With that partnership with AwesomenessReminders in place, those iDoneThis users whose accomplishments have been liked are in for a treat — someone from AwesomenessReminders will actually call that person at some point to vocally proclaim how awesome they are.

If that sounds familiar, you may recall the AwesomenessReminders name from when founder Zachary Burt launched the service in 2010. In a nutshell, it allowed people to pay a monthly fee in exchange for commanding a legion of chipper callers to tell others how awesome they are. At some point the service stopped taking on new customers (though existing users could still access their accounts), and it seems that their new deal with iDoneThis is the first in a line of new initiatives with “high level strategic partners.”

Alright, so the whole thing sounds more than a little wacky (not to mention a potential headache for overachievers) but iDoneThis CEO Walter Chen feels like the partnership could make for some brighter days at the office.

“iDoneThis exists to motivate and clear up the mess that is reporting, and AwesomenessReminders exists to remind people they’re awesome,” he told me. “We all need that in the workplace.”