Millennial: iPad Impressions Grew 456 Percent Over Past Year; iOS Up 60 Percent

Mobile ad network Millennial Media, is releasing its quarterly report which gives a view into how each OS, device and manufacturer is performing on one of the largest remaining independent ad networks in the world. In Q3, Android continued to dominate the mobile ad network, and led the Connected Device and Smartphone OS Mix on Millennial with 56% of the impressions. iOS was the second largest Connected Device and Smartphone OS in Q3 with 23 percent of impressions.

iOS remained the leader as the top Connected Device OS. iOS impressions grew 60% year-over-year in Q3. In particular, iPad impressions grew 456%, and iPod Touch impressions grew 30% year-over-year. The iPhone accounted for 54% of the iOS impressions Millennial’s platform, while iPod Touch and iPad combined to make up the other 46%.

Smartphones grew 7% quarter-over-quarter and 37% year-over-year, leading the Smartphone, Feature Phone & Connected Device Impression Share mix, with 72% of the impressions in Q3. Connected Devices and Feature Phones were tied with 14% of the impressions of the Smartphone, Feature Phone and Connected Device impression Share mix.

In Q3, Wi-Fi accounted for 32% of the Carrier Mix. Within Wi-Fi, Smartphones made up 59% of all Wi-Fi impressions on Millennial’s platform, a 23% increase quarter-over-quarter. Connected Devices, including Tablets, gaming devices, and eReaders, accounted for 38% of the Wi-Fi impressions on our platform in Q3.

Apple was the top device manufacturer on Millennial’s platform in Q3, representing 23% of the Top 15 Manufacturers impression share, with 12% of the impression share on the Top 20 Mobile Phones ranking (the top spot). Android made up 15 of the top 20 phones on Millennial’s network. HTC had 6 of those phones, and grew over 100% year-over-year as a manufacturer.

Smartphone manufacturer Huawei also saw major growth in the past year, and has experienced almost triple impression growth year-over-year and currently holds the number seven position on the Top 15 Manufacturers ranking.

When breaking down ad spend on applications, Android apps had a 49% share. This was a 20% growth quarter-over-quarter. Music & Entertainment led Android application categories in Q3, ranked by ad spend,
followed by Android gaming applications, which almost doubled quarter-over-quarter.

Apple represented 41% of the Application Platform Mix, ranked by ad spend, in Q3. Music & Entertainment took over as the leading Apple application category, despite gaming still leading the iPad application category. In Q3, Apple Mocial (Mobile Social Networking) applications grew 36% quarter-over-quarter.

Gaming applications in general have been the number one Application Category on Millennial’s platform for over a year. Gaming apps represented 34% of the application impressions, a 26% increase quarter-over-quarter. News application impressions grew 36% quarter-over-quarter and global news applications
accounted for over a quarter of the impressions in Q3.