Now Twitter gets a guy arrested in Guatemala

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It would appear that Twitter, aside from helping to spread panic about Swine Flu, is creating all sorts of issues in countries which are probably still coming to terms with the impact of social media – and there are plenty of them these days, let’s face it.

Now a Guatemalan Twitter user has been arrested and accused of causing “Financial Panic”, because he encouraged followers to withdraw their funds from a bank in the country.

Jean Anleu (@jeanfer) suggested in a tweet that: “The first action people should take is to remove cash from Banrural, and break the banks of corrupt people.”

Evidently Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom has been accused of links to drug traffickers and of siphoning Banrural funds for his wife’s “phantom” projects.

London-based user-generated picture agency startup Demotix is carrying pictures of him being arrested by police for causing a storm with his tweet, which is currently being re-tweeted hundreds of times in Guatemala, and is probably poised to make the hastag escandalogt start to trend (which apparently means Guatemala Scandal according to a commenter below). The arrest also lead to a newspaper cottoning on to the Twitter angle, below.

  • Xavier

    Escandalo means Scandal in spanish.
    Escandalote means BIG scandal ….. also in spanish ;)

    Escandalogt must be re:GuaTemala Scandal.

  • Twitter, movimento social e o poder da palavra

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  • Mohammad Al-Ubaydli

    This week’s Economist has a story that looks like it is related:

    There was nothing magical about the realism of the video recorded by Rodrigo Rosenberg, a Guatemalan lawyer, four days before he was shot dead on Sunday May 10th while cycling on a busy avenue. “If you are hearing this message,” he intoned, “it is because I, Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano, was assassinated by the president’s private secretary, Gustavo Alejos, and his partner, Gregorio Valdez, with the approval of Álvaro Colom and Sandra de Colom [Guatemala’s president and first lady]”.

  • jeanfer

    Muchas gracias por el apoyo, ahora comienza el proceso para poder desvincularme del caso. Hace falta todavia.

  • Manuel Morales

    I think your translate is much wrong! About what this guy wrote in his twitter, the real translate is…

    Primera acción real “Sacar el pisto de Banrural” quebrar al banco de los corruptos. #escandalogt

    First real action “to take out the money from Banrural” to bankrupt the corrupts’ bank

    It doesn’t mean the same you mean… please fixit…

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