• Portal Lets You Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Thumbdrive

    Portal Lets You Use Your iPhone As A Wireless Thumbdrive

    Portal, a recently launched Android app that lets you move large files between your computer and your smartphone via your Wi-Fi connection, has today made its way to iOS. The new version offers a better alternative to something like Apple’s AirDrop, for example, as it lets you transfer as many files as you’d like, with no file size limits, while also not counting against your data… Read More

  • GridGlo Raises $1.2 Million To Help Utilities Understand How Customers Use Electricity

    A New York research firm that turns massive amounts of data into streamlined information, CUBRC (pronounced “coo-brick”) invested $1.2 million in seed finance, and established a strategic partnership with GridGlo — a smart grid technology startup from Delray Beach, Florida, the companies revealed today. GridGlo sells software and services that help utilities see how and why… Read More

  • Public Art: Finally, a solution to unsightly utility boxes

    Hats off to Joshua Callaghan of Los Angeles for coming up with a way to not only hide those utility boxes you see all over your neighborhood, but to also turn each one into something of a conversation piece. Callaghan calls it “public art” after answering a call from the city of Los Angeles to somehow disguise the boxes. More photos after the jump… Read More

  • Electric car prototype can sell power back to utilities

    Faculty members at the University of Delaware have built an electric car that’s capable of selling back excess stored energy to utility companies depending on the demands of the electrical grid. "A car sitting there with a tank of gasoline in it, that’s useless. If it’s a battery storing a lot of electricity and a big plug that allows moving power back and forth… Read More