• Don’t Do It! New Siri Port H1Siri Is Illegal, Breaks Your iPhone

    Don’t Do It! New Siri Port H1Siri Is Illegal, Breaks Your iPhone

    iPhone jailbreakers should probably stay away from the latest Siri port, dubbed H1Siri, which brings Apple’s digital assistant to the iPhone 4. The new hack comes from a group of Chinese hackers calling themselves the “CD-Dev Team.” According to the team’s account on Weibo (a Chinese microblogging service similar to Twitter), the hackers had originally wanted to just run… Read More

  • The Facebook Hack That Wasn’t? Facebook Says The 10,000 Hacked Accounts Aren’t Ours

    The Facebook Hack That Wasn’t? Facebook Says The 10,000 Hacked Accounts Aren’t Ours

    A hacking group calling themselves “Team Swastika” posted what they claimed was over 10,000 comprised Facebook accounts to Pastebin, a service that serves as an online clipboard. However, according to statements from Facebook PR, these email and password combinations don’t actually represent live Facebook accounts. Instead, it appears that the hackers obtained the accounts… Read More

  • New Android App Smozzy Lets You Surf The Web Without A Data Plan

    New Android App Smozzy Lets You Surf The Web Without A Data Plan

    Smozzy is a new Android application that lets you search the Web on your mobile phone without a data plan. The app works only in the U.S., only on T-Mobile phones and requires that you have a messaging plan (unless you want to be charged). Despite these restrictions, the app itself is pure genius – it cleverly uses SMS and MMS to send requests and receive the content. And to the end… Read More

  • Japan Last Country To Resume All PlayStation Network Services On Wednesday

    It took them a while, but Sony today announced [JP] that they will fully restore all PlayStation Network services plus streaming media-on-demand service Qriocity in Japan this Wednesday. Sony’s home market is the last country in which the company is done picking up the pieces after that massive data breach from last April. Read More

  • DIY: Make Your Own TSA Scanner

    Curious about exactly how the TSA manages to see you naked? Well, the actual technology is pretty high end (and proprietary), but it is possible to come up with something close. The process is quite complicated, and the person who worked out the process hasn’t documented it completely, but you can get the basic idea from the video after the jump. Read More

  • Sarah Palin's E-Mail Hacker Gets 1 Year In Halfway House

    Who could forget when Sarah Palin’s e-mail was hacked two years ago? The “hack” was hardly that—the kid guessed her “forgot your password?” question—but the ramifications of the hack were felt far and wide. The kid, 22-year-old David Kernell, has just been sentenced to one year (and one day) in a Tennessee halfway house. Read More

  • Firesheep In Wolves' Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily

    It seems like every time Facebook amends its privacy policy, the web is up in arms. The truth is, Facebook’s well publicized privacy fight is nothing compared to the vulnerability of all unsecured HTTP sites — that includes Facebook, Twitter and many of the web’s most popular destinations. Developer Eric Butler has exposed the soft underbelly of the web with his new… Read More

  • The HP StorageWorks X310 LED easter egg

    Oh you’re so silly, HP. Why would you hide a clever function for the front-panel LEDs on the HP StorageWorks X310 Windows Home Server? I mean, who wouldn’t want their status LEDs to chase like KITT’s grill lights or strobe Christmas lights-style? This should be a standard option, not hidden by a keyboard command. Anyway, click through for a quick video demo and instructions… Read More

  • Twitter Hack: Part Of Broader Iranian Strategy

    Late last night the popular micro-messaging service Twitter was attacked and had its website defaced by a group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army. The Twitter homepage and the main application service page were replaced with a bold pro-Iranian and anti-American message. The message was loud, and very clear – the attack was in response to what Iran saw as internal meddling by the… Read More

  • Apple palette cleanser: Power a remote with one battery and a paperclip

    Macgyver would be so proud of you if you actually remembered to use this trick next time your remote’s batteries died. Read More

  • Beware the fake WoW beta invite emails

    Despite the fact that Blizzard has warned us, there have been some fake beta invite emails starting to go out for the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. In fact, they tried to catch the CrunchGear crew this morning with their little fake email and site. Read More