The Analogue Nt mini console is a loving tribute to NES history

The Analogue Nt mini isn’t an NES – it’s better. The third-party system created by designer Christopher Taber is a work of art in its own right, crafted from a solid piece of aluminum and offering internals that boast no-compromise gameplay experience, vs. what you’d get from a home hack using emulation software.

Analogue’s Nt mini is the smaller sibling to the original NT, which has been sold out since early this year, and which featured a larger design and a higher price tag at $579. The Nt mini is still $449, which isn’t exactly cheap, but it also boasts improved video output with combined 1080p and RGB (the original required an add-on for RGB output), and ships with a wireless 8bitdo NES30 controller in the box. The receiver for said controller will also let you use PS4, PS3, Wii and Wii U Pro controllers with the Nt mini.

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The Analogue NT mini will ship in January 2017, and is 20 percent smaller than the original. It also supports all original Nintendo controller hardware out of the box, including the NES Zapper. Plus it works with all NES, Famicom and Famicom Disk System games with no additional work required.

Nintendo’s own NES Classic Edition is a fraction of the price, at $59.99 with a bundled controller and 30 games built-in, but this labor of love from Analogue is like a Bugatti compared to that pedestrian Honda Civic.