Kate Conger

Kate Conger

Kate Conger was a writer at TechCrunch, covering policy and security.

Prior to joining TechCrunch, she was the managing editor of the journalism startup Ratter. Her work has appeared in Motherboard, The Daily Dot, San Francisco Magazine, and SF Weekly.

Contact Kate at kate.conger@techcrunch.com.

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Judge ruling means Uber can continue self-driving work but Levandowski barred from LiDAR

A judge has ruled in the matter of a preliminary injunction related to Uber’s use of autonomous tech, finding that Google employee and Otto founder Anthony Levandowski can no longer work on any

Las Vegas taps AI for cybersecurity help

Hundreds of thousands of people live in the city of Las Vegas. But the city's information security team is made up of just three employees and one intern, so the chief information officer of Las Vegas

Waymo’s claims of trade secret theft could result in criminal case

When Waymo sued Uber earlier this year, claiming that its former employee stole 14,000 documents containing trade secrets about its self-driving car project and took the documents to Uber, it was a st

Waymo’s lawsuit against Uber is going to trial, judge rules

Waymo’s lawsuit against Uber, its competitor in the automated vehicle business, is going to trial. Judge William Alsup ruled that Uber could not force the lawsuit over theft of trade secrets int

Trump signs long-delayed executive order on cybersecurity

President Trump signed a executive order today commanding a review of the United States’ cybersecurity capabilities. Trump was initially set to sign the order shortly after his inauguration in J

Trolling the patent trolls

“Don’t feed the trolls,” the popular wisdom goes. But with a new project, Cloudflare is taking things a little farther — the company is trying to starve its trolls out by taking aw

Yahoo cybersecurity lead Bob Lord is speaking at Disrupt NY

I'm very excited to announce that Yahoo's chief information security officer, Bob Lord, will be joining TechCrunch for a fireside chat at Disrupt NY this year. Join us for this fascinating conversatio

Shareholders pressure Intel over PAC spending

Intel isn’t the only tech company with a political action committee funneling money into Congress. But some of Intel’s recent donations — including to politicians known for opposing

Waymo case reveals Levandowski got $250 million in Uber stock for Otto

Autonomous driving company Waymo alleged today in court that the formation of rival Otto was a ruse concocted between its founder Anthony Levandowski and eventual acquirer Uber to hide the fact that h

Former NSA director explains why the spy agency will end a controversial surveillance technique

Earlier today, the NSA announced its intentions to limit a surveillance technique that had a nasty side effect of sweeping up communications to and from Americans. In a rare unprompted press statement

Uber adds privacy info and easy account deletion

Uber announced today that it will make it easier for users to delete their accounts and access their privacy settings. Now, the company will let users delete their accounts from within the app, with

Uber’s Anthony Levandowski out as Advanced Technologies lead amid legal fight

Uber’s Anthony Levandowski, who founded Otto and then became head of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) once Otto was acquired by the ride-sharing company, is stepping aside from his

Facebook announces plan to fight misinformation campaigns

Facebook made its most direct statements about how the platform has been used to spread misinformation in a report released today by its security team. The report acknowledges how actors created a coo

Cloudflare debuts a security solution for IoT

Cloudflare, the content delivery network that promises speed and security for websites, announced today that it’s moving into the internet-of-things industry with a security product called Orbit

Air Force launches bug bounty program

The Air Force announced today that it will launch a bug bounty next month for several of its public-facing websites, allowing hackers to seek out vulnerabilities in the sites and exchange them for cas

A Waymo filing leaks lidar tech details in Uber lawsuit

Anthony Levandowski took his seat in a conference room one sunny Friday morning in April and proceeded to read the same phrase from a sheet of paper for the next five hours. "On the advice and directi

Uber seeks information from Larry Page in Waymo court case

Uber is looking to get Google co-founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page to provide a deposition in the ongoing court case between itself and Waymo. The company made the request in court today during a di

Uber must turn over to Waymo information about its acquisition of Otto, court rules

Anthony Levandowski, the engineer at the center of the legal battle between Google and Uber over driverless-car technology, has suffered a setback. Levandowski has broadly invoked his Fifth Amendment

Uber responds to report that it tracked devices after its app was deleted

Uber tracked former users even after they deleted the app from their iPhones, a practice that eventually earned CEO Travis Kalanick a scolding from Apple chief executive Tim Cook, the New York Times

Waymo accuses Uber of hiding a secret LiDAR device

In preparation for a preliminary injunction hearing next month, Waymo today filed new claims in its lawsuit against Uber, alleging that its competitor withheld information about technology Uber is usi
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