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EU opens formal probe of TikTok under Digital Services Act, citing child safety, risk management and other concerns

The European Union is formally investigating TikTok’s compliance with the bloc’s Digital Services Act (DSA), the Commission has announced. Areas the Commission is focusing on in this inves

Critical 2024 AI policy blueprint: Unlocking potential and safeguarding against workplace risks

Richard Marcus Contributor Richard Marcus is the head of information security at AuditBoard. Many have described 2023 as the year of AI, and the term made several “word of the year” lists.

As hacks worsen, SEC turns up the heat on CISOs

Over the past year we’ve seen Uber’s former chief security officer convicted in federal court for mishandling a data breach, a federal regulator charge SolarWinds’ security chief wit

Anecdotes lands $25M to expand its governance, risk management and compliance business

Governance, risk management and compliance — GRC for short — remains one of the most active startup areas in terms of VC investments. According to Tracxn, the private market data tracker,

New SEC cybersecurity disclosure rules: What you need to know to stay in compliance

The SEC requires companies to report both material cybersecurity incidents and cybersecurity risk management processes in a standardized way.

Blackbird lands $20M investment to expand its risk management tools

Blackbird AI, a startup developing AI-powered software for risk intelligence, today announced that it raised $20 million in a Series B funding round led by Ten Eleven Ventures. Bringing New York-based

How to manage third-party cybersecurity risks that are too costly to ignore

Most companies review their vendors at the beginning of a relationship and on an annual basis afterward, but a year is a long time in the business world.

High-growth startups should start de-risking their path to IPO now

Market downturns might not be the time to scale as usual, but they're undeniably the ideal time to plan for an IPO.

Why ButcherBox built two dry ice factories during the pandemic

As a startup, when you’re trying to stay as lean as possible, outsourcing is the name of the game; if you can get someone else to do the work for you (and manage the team, deal with hiring and H

Federato raises $15M to help insurance customers manage risk

Will Ross and William Steenbergen were AI researchers at Stanford working on climate and atmospheric modeling and reinforcement learning, respectively, when they began to collaborate on wildfire model

The weakest link: Charting supply chain risk in an era of globalization

It’s not just a feeling: geopolitical risk has been higher than usual in recent years, and for businesses with supply chain operations spanning the world, these risks are hard to avoid.

TechCrunch+ roundup: CEO pregnancy checklist, decision-tree planning, reassessing valuations

It sounds counterintuitive, but in this environment, a lower valuation might help you retain and hire talented employees.

Use chronological scenario planning to help your startup get through a potential recession

We have spent over a decade being conditioned to plan for the upside. But getting really good at preparing for the downside will help you thrive through this next cycle.

Robinhood almost imploded during the GameStop meme stock chaos

The House Committee on Financial Services released a report late last week offering a harrowing glimpse inside Robinhood during the frenzy around Gamestop stock early last year. The stock trading and

Join secures new cash to build a ‘decision-making’ platform for construction

Join, a decision-making platform for architecture, engineering and construction, today closed a $16 million Series A round led by SignalFire with participation from Ironspring Ventures, Metaprop, Buil

To better manage cybersecurity risk, extend zero-trust principles to third parties

Today’s cybersecurity landscape requires an agile and data-driven risk management strategy to deal with the ever-expanding third-party attack surface.

Legl, a SaaS for law firm workflows, tops up with $18M

While valuations of public software-as-a-service businesses have been taking a hammering of late as investors cool on the sector amid a wider, post-pandemic tech stock sell-off, SaaS startups still ne

A look at six new funds begs the question: Is a slowdown really coming?

If that slowdown comes, however, it could happen slowly, given that our inboxes are filled with news about newly raised venture funds.

Don’t buy a breach or a bad reputation: A more effective approach to M&A due diligence

You can begin intelligence-driven investigation and evaluation much earlier without needing network access or information sharing.

The investment manager of the future

What does an investment management firm look like when it's redesigned based on first principles and based on the true "jobs to be done" of an investment manager?
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