• Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo is the first album to go platinum from streaming only

    Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo is the first album to go platinum from streaming only

    Kanye West’s last album has just made streaming history. The Life of Pablo, released a little over a year ago, just went Platinum with over 1.5 billion song streams in the U.S. While popular albums frequently go platinum, this is a big deal because Kanye’s album reached this milestone relying on streams alone – no paid downloads. Let me explain: An album typically goes… Read More

  • With A Budget Almost Cut In Half And 40 Percent Staff Cuts Can The RIAA Survive?

    With A Budget Almost Cut In Half And 40 Percent Staff Cuts Can The RIAA Survive?

    RIAA’s budget comes from music labels and distributors because it represents the interests of the music industry. Therefore, it depends on their willingness. TorrentFreak obtained its latest tax filing and the RIAA is facing the same difficulties as the major music labels. Its budget has been cut to $29.1 million for 2010-2011 from $51.35 million two years earlier. Yet, the most… Read More

  • Cary Sherman on Democratic Public

    Keen On… Cary Sherman: How Should The Democratic Process Function In The Digital Age? [TCTV]

    Earlier this month, Cary Sherman, the RIAA’s CEO, wrote a controversial op-ed in which he raised questions about the impact of Google and Wikipedia on America’s “democratic process”. So when I Skyped with Sherman earlier this week, I leveraged social media’s democratic process to ask the RIAA CEO some direct questions from my Twitter community about piracy, the… Read More

  • How Does UFC's New & Improved Internet Pay-Per-View Stream Compare To The 'Real' Thing?

    NeuLion announced a deal a few days ago to bring “a brand new service for UFC offering the most interactive, far-reaching digital experience yet.” Last night’s UFC 126 was the first pay-per-view event to receive the NeuLion treatment, so I decided to check it out to see what all the fuss was about. Fair warning: There will be spoliers. Read More

  • Shock: Music Industry Tops DMCA Takedown Notices In 2010

    Man, they’re still fighting, aren’t they? ChillingEffects’ stats, by way of TorrentFreak, reveal that the “international music industry,” in the form of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, has sent the most DMCA takedowns notices in 2010, with some 1,272 notices sent in the year. In third place is some Brazilian hardware site, Clube do Hardware. Read More

  • RIAA Once Again Upset At LimeWire Over Limewire Pirate Edition

    The RIAA, still fighting the good fight. LimeWire as you knew it was shut down a few weeks ago because of an RIAA-secured court order. So LimeWire says, “OK, we’ll alter the application so that it complies with your wished, RIAA.” Today we’ve learnt that a new LimeWire has started to circle around the Internet, and now the RIAA is having another fit. Again… Read More

  • Will Apple Kill The MP3 Tomorrow?

    Apple has posted a cryptic message on its Web site, teasing the world about an “exciting” iTunes announcement that’s coming tomorrow. What could it be? I saw that someone had suggested The Beatles were finally coming to iTunes, but really, who cares? If you want The Beatles on your iPhone you can grab the newly remastered albums that came out last year, “rip, mix… Read More

  • RIAA Goes Offline, Joins MPAA As Latest Victim Of Successful DDoS Attacks

    In an offense called “Operation Payback,” members of the Internet collective Anonymous have organized what seems to be anti anti-piracy movement. Dubbed by Torrent Freak as the “protest of the future” the group has been pretty busy over the past 36 hours launching DDoS attacks on the MPAA, Indian anti-piracy site Aiplex Software and today both RIAA.com and RIAA.org. Read More

  • Three Years Later, Who Owns The Rights To Radiohead's In Rainbows?

    Famous rock band Radiohead released an album a few years ago called In Rainbows. The band initially released the album online for free. Well, not for “free,” per se, but you were given the option to pay whatever you wanted. That promotion only lasted a little while, as the band later teamed up with traditional record labels (like Warner and Sony) to release a physical album. Read More

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