RIAA chief spokesman: ‘DRM is dead, isn't it?’


The chief spokesman for the RIAA, one Jonathan Lamy, has gone on record to say what any normal, not-on-the-RIAA-payroll person has been saying for some time now: “DRM is dead, isn’t it?” Yes. Yes it it.

This phrase—“DRM is dead”—appears in an upcoming SC Magazine article. Mr. Lamy references things like the now DRM-free iTunes which, at least in the U.S., “is” downloadable music.

There’s really not too much to add here: DRM is great at getting in the way of legitimate users; pirates will always find a way around it. And not just music, either. In fact, in my opinion, it’s been the video game industry which has been most egregious with DRM. Games are DRM’d to no end, then legitimate users can’t get the thing to work. Meanwhile, someone like RELOADED will have cracked the game two days before its official release date.

I don’t know, good riddance, DRM.