• SureFlap has an app-controlled pet door in the pipeline

    SureFlap has an app-controlled pet door in the pipeline

    Finally coming to the pet tech space this summer: an app-controlled cat door that will tell you when your pet has left the building. RIP privacy for pets! Read More

  • Impinj soars 28% in internet-of-things IPO

    Impinj soars 28% in internet-of-things IPO

    It has been a very slow year for tech IPOs, but Seattle-based Impinj decided to brave the public markets and list on the Nasdaq today. The company priced at the top of the range at $14 and then saw its shares rise about 28% on its first day of trading. A leader in developing radio frequency technology, or RFID chips, Impinj has found unique partnerships with Coca-Cola, Macy’s… Read More

  • Disney Research uses RFID tags to create powerless, low-cost interactive controllers

    Disney Research uses RFID tags to create powerless, low-cost interactive controllers

    The team at Disney Research is up to its fun old tricks, this time finding some new uses for off-the-shelf RFID tags. Along with researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Disney’s laboratory wing has discovered a low-latency way to process RFID signals, making it possible to use the tags to turn cheap objects into simple wireless interactive controls that don’t require battery… Read More

  • Mini RFID Device Stores Personal Medical Data, Makes It Instantly Accessible

    Mini RFID Device Stores Personal Medical Data, Makes It Instantly Accessible

    Japan-based chemical and tech company Asahi Kasei has developed a small healthcare product that should make life for paramedics, emergency doctors (and patients) easier: the portable device (pictured) makes it possible to instantly access all medical data on a specific person with a PC or smartphone, via RFID. Read More

  • RFID Solutions Provider IDENTEC Group Lands $7.5 Million

    IDENTEC Group, a global RFID solutions provider, announced today that it has completed a $7.5 million equity capital round with private investors. IDENTEC says it serves more than 2,000 customers in 16 industries. The company currently holds 100% or significant ownership in nine RFID solutions businesses and boasts sales and marketing operations in the US, including four US-based RFID companies. Read More

  • Hitachi Develops Next-Generation RFID Tag

    Hitachi subsidiary Hitachi Information Systems has announced [JP] the development of a next-generation RFID tag today. What’s new about it is that the tag withstands the heat of welding: in other words, companies don’t need to drill screw holes anymore to put them into place. Hitachi says that their new tags can be welded into place in just 10 seconds, whereas conventional ones… Read More

  • RFID: Scaring Holiday Shoppers For Years & Years

    Well here’s something to freak you out as you brave the Black Friday crowds today. (Remember: Matt wrote a nifty little survival guide for today’s insanity.) A local TV station in Florida has warned its viewers to be on the lookout for so-called electronic pickpockets. Using “a credit card scanner attached to a battery pack,” an evildoer can quite easily obtain… Read More

  • Keurig Could Put RFID Chips In Their Coffee Pods

    According to an FCC filing, the folks at Keurig (they basically make a single serving coffee machine) could be adding RFID tags to their pods in order to allow the machine to sense the type of coffee being placed into the device. This would, in turn, allow the machine to change temperature, milk type, and whatever else the coffee requires. Read More

  • What's cheaper than buying an anti-RFID wallet?

    The following is in the interest of saving you money, which is probably my number one goal here at CG: preventing you from spending money when you don’t have to. I’ve seen ads on Drudge recently pimping RFID-blocking wallets produced by a company called Identity Stronghold. The idea behind the wallet is to block the RFID chip found in your credit card from being surreptitiously… Read More

  • RFIDify your iPhone

    Just think of all the fun you could have if the iPhone could interact with RFID tags. But you don’t have to wait for Apple for iPhone version 7 for this feature. Nope. You can build your own iPhone compatible RFID reader right now. Read More

  • OLED ID cards creepy, probably helpful

    I question the actually utility of this, except for in corporate ID badging. It is cool though, combining OLED, RFID, and 3D into an ID. Plus, how is that for an alphabet soup of acronyms? Thanks to NetbookNews for the tip. Read More

  • Tagged World Project uses RFID to evaluate "living willingness"

    One of the more interesting booths at CEATEC is that of the Tagged World Project. It aims to deploy many RFID tags around an elderly person’s domicile, and then equip their slippers (or other house clothes) with RFID readers that will read the tags in its proximity. Then a variety of analyses can be performed on the data collected to determine, ostensibly, how healthy and active an… Read More

  • Review: Touchatag RFID System

    You always remember your first time, right? That heady rush, the embarrassment that turns into passion, that sense that this, this moment right now, is what you’re living for. You could stay this way forever or die today – it didn’t matter. I think Bryan Adams said it best when he wrote: I got my first real RFID sensing smartcard reader
    Bought it on the Internet
    Coded… Read More

  • Got a chipped ID? Hope you like sharing your private information

    I don’t buy into a lot of cyber-scares, but having my vital statistics accessible to anybody who feels like snatching it out of the air is definitely something I’d like to avoid. It’s not a new threat, but it seems that RFID-enhanced IDs are fast becoming the standard instead of a high-tech option. And since the security surrounding them is laughable to any serious hacker… Read More

  • Hitachi develops world's smallest RFID chip

    RFID technology seems to be on the rise lately. After Mitsubishi announced a super-efficient tag reader last month and NEC said it was able to dramatically cut production costs for RFID two weeks ago, it’s now Hitachi’s turn: The company has announced today that it has developed the world’s smallest RFID chip. Read More

  • Major breakthrough for RFID? NEC cuts production costs by more than 90%

    The Nikkei, a major Japanese business publication, is reporting that NEC is planning to sell RFID tag readers/writers, which are priced less than 10% compared to existing products. The company seems to have made major advancements “in the field of semiconductor research”, resulting in the drastic price cut. Read More

  • RFID chips to someday help with pain

    Someday in the future, presumably before flying cars and floating cities, there might be tiny implants to help manage pain. These RFID-powered chips the size of rice should help with chronic pain and neurological disorders similar to the large, external packs being used right now. Unlike the current crop however, these would be wirelessly powered and controlled via a computer or PDA, which… Read More

  • New Visa pay-by-cellphone system goes on trial in Malaysia: Honk if you like the idea

    Americans, virtuous and true, would you use your cellphone as a credit card? That is, instead of whipping out the plastic in front of some high school kid manning the register at Target, would you wave your connected-to-your-credit-card-account cellphone in front of a scanner? In the blink of an eye your transaction is completed, with the total amount being charged to your credit card account. Read More

  • Mitsubishi develops super-efficient RFID tag reader

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags are widely used today to identify and track persons or objects using radio waves in a number of areas: payment systems, electronic toll collection systems, transportation systems, logistics etc. Existing RFID tag readers can only be used for tags moving several km/h, but now Mitsubishi has developed a device that’s able to read tags moving as… Read More

  • Mir:ror mak:es ob_jectz smar:ter

    Remember Nabaztag, those little rabbits that waved their ears to notify you whether you received an email, your stock was going down, or if North Korea has launched nuclear war against China? Well, now you can put those buggers – and anything else, really – onto the RFID-reading Mir:ror and then program interactions with everyday objects. The $29.95 kit includes two tiny rabbits… Read More

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