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Meta, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter dodge questions on social media and national security

Executives from four of the biggest social media companies testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee Wednesday, defending their platforms and their respective safety, privacy and moderat whips up new tools for independent restaurants following funding

The company has relaunched itself to offer new tools for its users to do everything from websites, email marketing, recruiting and reputation management.

Yelp adds tools that let businesses share their COVID policies related to vaccines

As more businesses around the U.S. are choosing to implement vaccine requirements for patrons or staff, business discovery and review site Yelp is introducing new tools that allow businesses to commun

Clockwise CEO Matt Martin: How we closed an $18M Series B during a pandemic

It all started with an email from a customer: “Do you know why Bain Capital Ventures is reaching out to me about Clockwise?”

Codementor launches Dev Protocol, which uses blockchain to help developers build their reputations

Dev Protocol is a new project that uses blockchain to give software developers a secure place to build their professional reputations. Created by Codementor, an online mentoring platform and on-demand

Revel co-founder’s new startup aims to build a web of authentic identities

As people continue to think about how the rise of “fake news”, psychometric big data, and other developments in the tech world could have influenced big elections this year, a new startup

BrandYourself raises $2M to monitor and improve your online reputation

Reputation management startup BrandYourself has raised another $2 million. It's been two years since the company raised $3.3 million in Series A funding. Since then, co-founder and CEO Patrick Ambr

The Ultimate Ad

If Mad Men is to be believed, the difference between a successful brand and a failure is the perfect ad: one witty line, the perfect image; an overall feeling that captures and captivates the target a

ReviewPro releases a free reputation management tool for hotels

<img class="shot2 alignright" src="" alt="" width="214" height="89" /> <a href="">ReviewPro</a>, web-ba

Hotel reputation management service ReviewPro has big international plans

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